Spot The Bush Family Beta

From the Chateau:


¡Jeb! Bush…. needy, desperate, cloying, approval-seeking beta since his inception. “Come on, Dad, why are you letting George have Laura over but I can’t bring Columba? Why? WHY??!” “Jesus, son, do I have to spell it out? Your wife is bad for the family image. And she smells like a Taco Bell bathroom.”

Patriarch Bush is the old school WWII alpha, stoic against the gnawing realization of disappointing sons regressing to a long lost genealogical mean. Greatest Generation? Meh, they raised the Boomers.

Dubya is the swaggering, striver alpha male — a lesser alpha — who barely pulls off the act with help from a natural reservoir of rascally frat boy cockiness and permanent alcohol buzz. Also the second worst President in history (after Downlow Soetoro).

Now that it looks like the Bush political dynasty will end stillborn with Jeb’s campaign of nonstop self-inflicted humiliation, we can all breathe a sigh of relief as we await the Coming of the One True Alpha wielding MAGA, the Sword of Cuck Smiting.

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