Dennis Prager Vs Perez Hilton On Gay Marriage

For a guy who despises TV, Dennis Prager seems to do every bit he can on it. Why not spend that time instead developing lofty ideas for such lofty platforms as books rather than sinking to the lowest common denominator medium? Does not our holy Torah teach us to not follow our eyes after which we prostitute ourselves? I wish Marilyn Chambers were still alive so I could discuss these serious issues in greater depth, a kind of depth not allowed on TV.

Dennis had a snoozefest last night on Larry King when he debated gossip blogger Perez Hilton:

Prager must have experienced this as a big comedown from the lofty character of most people he debates.

I think Prager and Perez were supposed to debate Miss California’s comments on the Miss USA pageant and how afterwards Perez called her a bitch and said she had half-a-brain.

This time around Perez was meek and mild, but in that flaming gay Andrew-Sullivan-style way of his, not that there is anything wrong with that, or anything less manly about it, throwing hissy fits is just as valid a form of expression as waving a lulav in a succah, who am I to judge?

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