Helping Homosexuals Overcome Their Homo Urges


JONAH’s success rate, for those who spend at least 2 years committed to our comprehensive program of private and group therapy, as well as mens experiential weekends, Shabbatons, etc., shows that 2/3’s of our participants either move comfortably into heterosexuality or experience considerable change in their unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA) and feel better about themselves.

Weight Watchers has far less of a long-term success rate; Alcoholics Anonymous speaks of a 25 % success rate. Surely, any long-term behavior or problem is difficult to change, but it is beyond sad that those who have tried to change their SSA and couldn’t, attempt to stop those who want to change from even trying.

Massive long-term population studies of identical twins in Australia and Europe show that in 9 out of 10 cases where one twin is gay, the other twin is not gay. ( ) Surely, the myth of a gay gene(s) should be put to rest and those who are unhappy feeling SSA should be given the same opportunity to deal with their issues like anyone else with an unwanted problem.

Rachel in the Jewish Press has 2 excellent articles related to Arthur Goldberg’s groundbreaking book. The first article is her review of Arthur’s book; the second article is a discussion of the book by a gay man who has lived as a homosexual for decades. Read both articles and make up your own mind whether to read "Light in The Closet." Here are the links to the articles:…s.php? secId=289
&…s.php? secId=290 .

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