SinuCleanse – Anyone Do This?

I talked to a guy in yoga tonight who swore by this. He said he hasn’t had any colds since he started doing it.

I get every cold that comes to Los Angeles.

I’m gonna start flushing out my sinuses every day so I can enjoy manly vigorous health.

The USA Today says:

It’s a sloppy endeavor, says Todd Templin, but he and others who perform nasal rinsing swear by its sinus-soothing powers.

"I figure with all of that water shooting up my nostrils, there has to be something good going on," says Templin, an executive vice president for a Fort Lauderdale public relations firm, who suffers from chronic allergy and sinus problems.

Also called nasal washing or nasal irrigation, the practice is believed to have roots in ancient yoga traditions. But now, an increasing number of people with sinus woes are expressing interest in the age-old treatment, say doctors and makers of saline rinse products.

Dave Gallo, CEO of Med-Systems, Inc., the makers of SinuCleanse nasal washing systems, says: "Sales and the number of stores we’re in have been doubling every two years for the last decade."

Annie Lent, an allergy and immunology specialist at National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver, says patients are interested in saline rinsing because it’s homeopathic. "It appeals because it doesn’t involve drugs, it’s all natural," Lent says.

I wish there was a SinuCleanse for the mind. I have such dirty thoughts. I was watching The Karate Kid this weekend. Elizabeth Shue was so pure in that movie, and in Adventures in Babysitting, that I have this overwhelming desire for someone like her, some wholesome lass, to babysit me, and no matter how much davening and tehillim and tefillah and downward dog yoga I do, the feelings aren’t changing. Sheesh, it’s been 72 hours now, and I should go see a doctor but my doctor is a bloke and would be no help at all.

Normally I’d just think about my rabbi’s pure love for me but these days I don’t have a rabbi and I don’t have any pure love in my life, except for my mom’s and how can I think about her at a time like this? Oy, what would Rebbe Nachman do? Take a few lithium and say it is a great mitzvah to always be happy?

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