The Return Of Evan Gahr

Evan Gahr replies to my email:

I am with the Daily Caller now. Check out my Washington Gadfly column on bottom right.

The mascot is a chimp; that is a strong rebuke to many powerful conservatives in DC. They are still profoundly embarrassed by the whole thing.

I added the purge to former AEI editor Karl Zinsmeister’s wikipedia page and within hours somebody who had edited lots of his entries took it down. If you want to confirm Zinsmeister is kzinsmeister at the Philanthropy Roundtable. But look up the article about how he deceptively edited an article about him on the AEI website. It came out when he joined the Bush White House.

Tucker Carlson called me and offered me a job after a few great hit pieces I did for them last February. He knew all about the Weyrich
thing and thought it was disgusting. But he did not know about Karl Rove getting me fired and Chimpstein taking the fall for him. When I explained it he was even more disgusted with what happened.

But anyway, that is water under the bridge. Now, I feel like I am 30 years old and working for the late New York Post editorial page editor Eric Breindel again. I had never met Carlson or even been in the same room with him or communicated via phone or electronically. But when we met we bonded instantly. It reminded me how I bonded with Eric Breindel.

Plus, I finally listened to Weyrich and forgave all the people who harmed me.

Remember Michael Horowitz? The guy who harassed and yelled at and lied to my father to cover up for Hudson, Weyrich and the White House. I was seething with rage towards him for years. Now, we schmooze all the time now about my stories like nothing ever happened. It is just like before the fight when he took me to a steak dinner and offered to get me a White House job.

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