Tabloid Baby Likes Teresa Strasser

I love it when my pals get together.

Tabloid Baby posts:

And then, a couple of weeks ago, from out of the blue, we got a Facebook message from Teresa, explaining why she hadn’t accepted our “friend” request.

We won’t reveal the exact contents of the note or the exchange that followed, but will say that we rarely get feedback from celebrities and that she dropped us a note because Luke Ford had vouched for us. We’ll also say that Teresa Strasser is not a phony, manufactured sob sister. What we heard on the radio is apparently what she is in life.

Teresa Strasser is a very nice woman.

She’s now a Tabloid Baby pal. And we are her pal.

Teresa, by the way, is married and, we’re very happy to announce, expecting her first child.

She writes about the impending birth, and reveals that Meredith Vieira smells of “powder, lilacs, and poise” (we’d have expected Grey Goose, Dermablend and Jeff Zucker), in her latest column, which you can read here, and which we hope will lead to a book.

Check out Teresa Strasser’s website here. She celebrates the typewriter, which makes us like her even more.

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