The Orthodox Jew On Top Of Glenn Beck’s Empire

The movement to diversify Hollywood is a movement to drive out Jews. Hollywood is a Jewish industry. Making it more diverse makes it less Jewish. It’s not whites who run Hollywood so much as Jews who run Hollywood.

From the Daily Beast:

Then there was the sudden appearance in the fall of 2014—from Israel, via Miami—of a slightly-built, bald-pated Beck “superfan” who spouted the slick jargon of Silicon Valley, chain-smoked a vaporous e-cigarette (holding it in his right hand that is missing two-and-half fingers, the result of a childhood accident with a meat grinder), and somehow networked himself into Beck’s inner circle.
Beck apparently became infatuated with Jonathan Schreiber, who has been regularly spotted in Beck’s expansive, glass-walled office, sometimes entangled in a hug with the boss, and whose Orthodox Judaism apparently meshes well with Beck’s ardent religiosity as a Mormon convert.

Last April, Schreiber was named president of Beck’s privately held umbrella company, Mercury Radio Arts—of which The Blaze is a subsidiary, along with a diverse collection of enterprises including a publishing imprint at Simon & Schuster, a clothing line, a movie studio, and a guide to trustworthy real estate agents.
Schreiber, a native of Florida who graduated with a marketing degree from Yeshiva University, is a 41-year-old tech entrepreneur whose arrival coincided with the exit of nearly everyone who had steered Beck’s career and built him into a national brand and wildly successful radio personality.

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