Susan Boyle Got Ahead On Merit

Dennis Prager said on his radio show yesterday: "People don’t like to see people get ahead through changing the rules. She met the rules. It’s an important subject to me, why the tears?"

Dennis, who often say how he aches to get his views to the world, has put podcasts of his radio show behind a paywall at (a subscription costs $7 a month).

Dennis: "I don’t like crowds… Numbers usually don’t bring out the best in people. They usually bring out the worst. People act worse in groups than they do individually… I see it at hockey games. People going crazy where there are fights. When people are cheering, I don’t associate it with the kindest parts of human nature. But here it was. They just wanted [Susan Boyle] to do well…after they heard her sing. She got it on merit. Never underestimate the importance of winning without changing the rules. Affirmative action has been so corrupting to those who benefit because the cheers they know in their heart are not real."

A caller complains that society sees people from the outside and not the inside.

Dennis: "There is no choice. The first recognition of a human being is the outside. We do react… First impressions do matter. That’s why I want people to dress nicely for work and for church. Of course an initial physical impression is made on people… It doesn’t make those upon whom the impression is made superficial. I hope she does get to look better through the fame and money she will undoubtedly garner because I want a man to kiss her. I want a man to love. I want her to have love in her life. Men care about how you look. If that is the only thing a man cares about, he is superficial."

"I love human compassion, but it can’t be the basis of policy. This is the great example. I had tears because of the audience compassion for this woman. That’s what gave me my tears, not her. Their reaction. I was so moved by their cheering this woman."

"The larger government is, the more it deprives people of the opportunity to do goodness. That’s one of many reasons that I loathe the welfare state. It deprives people of the opportunity to take care of their fellow citizen because the state will do it… Socialism and welfare states make people more selfish, not more kind."

Richard LaRuina writes:

If you look in a book shop, you’ll find plenty of books on confidence. Lots of people read them, but when it comes to it, how many people are actually perceived as confident by women in a pick up situation? Let’s take that perspective. We all know that women want a confident guy. That wasn’t much help to me when I was growing up, I knew what they wanted but didn’t know how to give it to them. It needed it to be broken down in a little more detail. That’s what I’m going to do right now. We are going to look at this from the perspective of an attractive woman in a bar or night club.She’s looking around the room and she is making a judgement of whether the guys look confident or not. Who is she drawn to? Guys with good body language could be one answer. Guys who are attractive could be another. A better answer is: Guys who look confident. What determines if a guy looks confident in a night club. It’s very easy…he looks COMFORTABLE. That is why the first C of Confidence is….

Comfort in the Environment
It is impossible to look confident if you are uncomfortable and it is impossible to look unconfident if you are comfortable. Therefore there is 100% overlap

Examples: It is impossible to look confident if you are uncomfortable and it is impossible to look unconfident if you are comfortable. Therefore there is 100% overlap. The barman, DJ, and bouncers and known to do very well with women. They are the most comfortable guys in the place because they are there every night and the environment can’t phase them anymore. Let’s get something clear – the barmen are not high status guys. The other guys in the club could be millionaire business men wearing $10,000 suits and buying bottles of Crystal. The barmen earn very low wages, and are not successful high status guys in any way. It’s purely that they look comfortable. There is no other secret to it.

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