JTA Vs The Blogosphere

Jewlicious reports:

To summarize, the JTA sent out a fundraising letter that insulted bloggers and tweeters. The JBloggers got pissed and the JTA backtracked. That should have been the end of it right? But then the Forward picked up the story and interviewed blogger Dan Brown and JTA’s Dan Sieradski. It seemed like an innocuous piece until Sieradski tweeted the following “Is Dan Brown kidding? http://ow.ly/2ttG Maybe I should post the emails which show why he’s really mad at JTA…” The Forward article stated that Sieradski was “Formerly a leading blogger known for his provocative commentary” who stated in response to this kerfuffle “Now I’m learning what it feels like to get a taste of my own medicine.” Sieradski however clearly still knows how to dish it out, not just in response to Dan Brown but also on Luke Ford’s blog where he publicly accused Ford of thievery for using JTA’s content and generally insulted him. This is some very heady stuff. Especially since the JTA has no problem quoting extensively from other sources (6 paragraphs from TMZ here). And if I may, the last thing I read from the JTA was so ill informed, I had to read it twice…

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