David Kelsey writes on FB:

My friend Shmarya Rosenberg has sold his website Failed Messiah, and will no longer be blogging. I’ve known this since earlier today when he told me, but waited to post about it because 1) he asked me to wait and 2) I was worried he was pranking me, he frequently pranks me.
His swan song is way too left (for a change), but politics aside, Failed Messiah was the Zerohedge of the religious Jewish world. His role was so important because he broke important stories that no one else could…or would. He broke stories that changed the world for the better, or at least, made it just a tad less unfair. Failed Messiah fought for justice. Not social justice. Justice.
Anyway, it’s definitely the end of an era. I could have written a much, much juicier post…but I’m restraining myself. I’m staying positive and restrained.
I hope Shmarya comes to NYC in the future now that he’ll have some sort of real job and can afford to leave his Mom’s basement sometimes. Because a lot of people would like to meet him, and the hasidim will hopefully be less interested in beating him to a bloody pulp now that he stopped blogging.
Anyway, best of luck, Shmarya. Don’t be a stranger. Many people agreed that you were a brilliant light in independent Jewish media.
Of course, they would mostly prefer I don’t name them publicly.

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