‘You Want To Do What?’

That’s one of the suggested titles for Dennis Prager’s new book on male sexuality. "Men are afraid in 98.62% of cases to open up about their sexual nature for fear of how their beloved will react. Are you sick? Are you different from other men? That’s why I feel this moral obligation to write this book."

"When a man is quiet about one of the most important things in his life, then he will become quiet generally. The liberation of being about to open up about this to his loved one can not be overstated but you have to give him the greenlight to do this."

"It’s not scary once you understand it. It is scary, perhaps, when you first encounter it."

Another suggested title: "I Am Not Your Gay Friend."

Dennis: "I only write what I think needs to be written… I’ve written four books. They are all in prinf. They have never gone out of print. When I write a book, I want it to be important… There’s plenty written on male-female differences but nothing truly honest to explain in real life terms male sexuality. I know how much tension it causes between two people who even love each other."

Prager names George Gilder’s book "Sexual Suicide" as one of the ten most important books he’s read and he says it helped persuade him to marry (for the first time).

Rick in Los Angeles, 39, calls: "I’ve been married nine years. I have four kids, from age 16 to seven. I am definitely afraid to mention anything to my hot-blooded Cuban wife. The few times I’ve mentioned anything, why don’t you come out in just my coat jacket or just a raincoat, my wife says, ‘How perverted!’ or ‘All men are pigs’ or ‘I don’t need to do that.’ So I just keep my mouth shut.

"Men are just different. We’re not necessarily pigs."

Dennis: "What is inherently bad about that? If you love your man, what’s wrong with that? Why is your desire for flowers noble and his desire for a raincoat ignoble? Because you declared it so. Neither is more wonderful than the other."

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