Following the Guru

I tell my friend that I start every day with a cold shower and 30 minutes of stretching and chanting as Guru Singh instructs.

Joe: "Guru Singh? My friend used to follow him. And now he has ten contempt of court rulings levied against him, that’s five days in jail for each count. He has a warrant out for his arrest.

"Two years ago, I was in his car and he was playing a Guru SIngh CD and telling me, ‘This is the way. This is the path to peace.’

"The guy was a hedge fund manager. He ran an account worth $120 million.

"He has three restraining orders against him for three years each.

"The cops came to his place because he was with this Chinese hooker and he didn’t have enough money to pay her. So her pimp came over and beat him up. The neighbors heard the commotion and called the cops.

"The cops arrived to find him lying buck naked in the front yard. His place is filled with marijuana. He tells the cop he has a medical marijuana license. He tells them he’s an Auschwitz survivor.

"He’s 56 years old. He has a shaved head.

"When his landlord went to expel him from the apartment, he got high and at 4 am climbed on his landlord’s house and screamed he was going to f— him in the ass.

"When people ask him where he’s from, he says ‘Egypt. I’m a direct descendant of Moses.’"

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