Which Fictional Characters Does S.E. Cupp Most Identify With?

SE tells me Monday: "That’s a great question. Hmm. This is probably going to sound horrible but I really love Harry Angstrom in Rabbit, Run by John Updike. It’s always been my favorite book. I just identify with his, I think everyone can identify with him in that everyone wants to check out once in a while and just say, ‘I’ve had it with my responsibilities. I’m walking away.’

"No one really has the guts to do it. I certainly don’t. I don’t know that everyone would agree that that’s a brave thing to do, but I thought it was really brave. He made a lot of mistakes but I just identified with him.

"Another one is Meursault in Camus’ The Stranger, another character who has the guts to live the way he wants to live, regardless of society’s disgust at his behavior, at his lack of empathy, his lack of compassion."

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