Author S.E. Cupp Disgusted At Turning Thirty

From my Monday interview:

Luke: "What do you like and dislike about getting older?"

SE makes an expression of infinite disgust. She hates getting older even more than she hates men looking at her with lust. "I don’t like anything. I don’t like anything so far. I dislike the word ‘thirty.’ I dislike it tremendously. I very much enjoyed being a twenty-something. I guess I’m getting wiser and people tell me I’ll have all this experience behind me and I’ll know so much more and my thirties are just going to be even better. I think they’re lying. I think they’re liars. I don’t think that’s true. I’ll let you know as I progress through my thirties, but it’s been traumatic. I have not enjoyed it."

Jim Jones emails: "It figures that you would be entranced by S.E. Cupp. She’s a self-involved right-wing blowhard with only the most superficial of views. If she actually considers turning 30 "traumatic," she really needs to get some perspective. Maybe she could do some volunteer work at a homeless shelter or a food bank. Only a fellow moron like you, Luke, would idealize such a twit."

Chaim Amalek emails: One of the things Ms. S.E. Cupp is going to learn as she leaves her twenties ever further behind is that far worse than being looked at with lust is not being noticed for her sexual charms. If she plans on marriage and children (within marriage), she needs to tart herself up and put herself out there right now, for her sexual appeal is a wasting asset.  And if she does not?

See ya on Craigslist!

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