Big Swinging Dick Lawyer Just For Men

At the top of its website, it says: "Practicing the Law – From a Male Perspective – Vigorous Legal Representation – TRIAL TOUGH!"

You don’t hear such a testosterone filled pitch very often for a law firm.


Jason Swango started Swango Law P.C. in order to reach a specific portion of the population. In cases of divorce and even criminal law, men face challenges unique to their sex. In other areas of law, business or sports law for example, some men simply feel more comfortable being represented by another male.

UPDATE: 1/6/15: I notice the website has toned things down a tad though Jason’s Twitter account reads: “I Just Get It Done Better Than Everyone Else! DUI Defense, Divorce for Men, Motivation, Everything!”

April 4, 2014 News Story:

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A Virginia Beach attorney is using an over-the-top advertising campaign to highlight a serious problem – the bias some men experience in family court.
The Firm for Men’s new commercial shows a man cheering about his divorce and his new “hot girlfriend.” It’s one of many new advertisements the law firm just began using to get men’s attention. They also plan to post a billboard that reads: “Just because she gave birth doesn’t make her the better parent.”
“We feel it shows men in a positive light, and it shows that life isn’t over because of divorce,” said attorney Jason Swango. “The ads say ‘we’re here for you, but you can also have a good ending.’”

July 5, 2014 News Story:

The lawsuit centers on the post, included in the court file, which shows defense attorney Jason Swango at the bench in General District Court, flanked by a police officer, a bailiff and his client in a city jail jumpsuit.

It claims defense attorney Daniel J. Miller on Feb. 1 published the photo to Facebook, tagging Swango with the caption: “Notice the stain on this guys jail suit when he realized who he had as an attorney.” Miller also commented, “Based upon what I saw I think Jason Swango should’ve paid him,” according to a screen grab of the post included with the lawsuit.

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