Orthodox Rabbis Claim There’s No Liberal Bent To Traditional European Jews

BERLIN (JTA) — Orthodox rabbis in Europe challenged the interpretations of a new study that suggests a liberal bent among some traditional European Jews.

The reported results "raised both a frown and bewilderment" among Orthodox rabbis, according to a statement issued today by the RCE. Rabbi Yisroel Yaakov Lichtenstein of London challenged the JDC "to undergo a new survey, this time with a truly representative pool and this time not to forget Europe’s spiritual leaders."

HAARETZ REPORTS: "The head of the British Reform movement Tuesday initiated an unlikely alliance when he took a representative of Oxfam, a humanitarian organization critical of Israel, on a one-day tour of the West Bank and Sderot. Rabbi Tony Bayfield seeks to launch a long-term relationship between the Jewish community and the organization, and to present Oxfam with the Israeli perspective on the conflict."

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