What Did The Rambam Really Think About Judaism?

Joel Rich writes: [Some] SHIURIM are Pay to download: link (look under sages or author )

  • Dr. Kenneth Hart Green – Did Maimonides Hide What He Really Thought About Judaism?

    Did the Rambam purposely hide deeper intent? (Strauss) True philosophy requires some doubt (it’s not the opposite of faith). Rambam needed to keep his true agenda hidden because most common folk can’t handle the truth (calling Colonel Jessep) and can be dangerous even for some who seek the ultimate level (intellectual elite). [You are right Nosson Aryeh-I probably should’ve spent more time in the critical works section.

  • Rabbi Mordechai Willig – Relationships Between Observant Jews & Non-Observant Jews (Part II): link

    Practical issues in dealing with not yet frum. Can they be counted for a minyan? Given an aliyah? Duchen? May they be invited for Shabbat even if they drive? Can you give them food even if you know they won’t make a bracha? If it’s a parent, is there halachic mourning? What if they touch your wine? This is part of a series, R’Willig is using a sefer (book) which is strict but he gives his own take. CLOR (there’s a lot of debate!)

  • Rabbi Michael Rosensweig – Moseir: link

    The Talmud in Gittin provides one of the basic sources for mesirah (turning over “evildoers” to the secular government) and R’Rosensweig details the opinions of the Rashba and Meiri which drive much of the current discussions.

  • Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff – Rav Meir Kahane: link

    An analysis of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s approach in U.S. and Israel. Wrong on some, right on others…see his book review in the spring issue of “Jewish Action”.

  • Daniel Fridman – Mordechai Learner or Earner: link

    Chazal tell us Mordechi was ratzui L’rov echav (beloved by the majority) because he should’ve gone back to learning. Theory here is parallel to Yosef, that we are in a “groundhog day” loop of temporary salvations, chazal were articulating ultimate desire/destiny.

  • Nachum Lamm posts: "I always had a sneaking suspicion that the Straussians had a bit of an ulterior motive: They really admire the Rambam, but, not being observant Jews themselves, have a hard time reconciling to the fact that this man they admired so much didn’t, say, eat pork and, moreover, wrote a whole bunch (fourteen volumes worth, in fact) telling other people not to either. So they invented (even if they have good proofs) this idea that he didn’t really mean it. That way, they can study the Moreh and have their ham sandwich too, so to speak."

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