WJC: ‘Shut the Anti-Semitic Mouths of Extremists’

Ronald S. Lauder, Honorary Chairman of the Board of the World Jewish Congress Foundation, emails:

In September 2001 the U.N. hosted the World Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa (Durban I). Venomous libels, demonstrations and hate-filled invectives like "Hitler should have finished the job!" dominated the gathering. At Durban I, Israel was the sole nation named for so-called racist abuses while horrific actions in other countries — Rwanda, Darfur, Zimbabwe and Chad — were pointedly ignored. Equating Zionism with racism and labeling Israel an apartheid state, a coalition of repressive regimes fomented an aggressive, one-sided debate that was widely regarded as a blatant attempt to demonize Israel.


The Durban Review Conference is scheduled for April 20th in Geneva, ostensibly to review the progress of the recommendations made in Durban I. This must not be allowed to become another platform for anti-Semitism and hatred directed against Israel. Of particular concern is a draft document setting the agenda for the April forum that presages a repeat performance of Durban I, which could become a template for U.N. policy and legislation with dire implications for the future of world Jewry.

The World Jewish Congress is asking individuals of conscience — and each and every Jew — to be heard and help protect the integrity of Jewish life by petitioning U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Time is of the essence, so please click here and sign the petition now!

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