Is The Western World Getting Overrun By Unattractive Third-Worlders?

The NJG:  Luke, you know what is scary?  This forum is for teachers – look at how they hate CHURCHILL, and JEWS
The NJG: The NJG:  no one should send their kids into any schools if they can help it
The NJG:
The NJG:  some of their leaders have been gays though, remember the last guy?
The NJG:  The reason this is happening is because Western Civilization is being overrun with 3rd world people, and I hate to say it but they are almost 100% unattractive
The NJG:  and then they bring their ways to the West and political correctness has made it so that people are labeled "racist" if they don’t agree with all this 3rd world immigration
The NJG:  so, the real racists have risen up

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