NYT Columnist Roger Cohen Live At Sinai Temple In Westwood

The Jewish Journal is streaming this event live. The quality of the stream is excellent.

Roger Cohen says the Iranian regime is pragmatic. They don’t plan to do anything nasty. They’re growing into a responsible power. Don’t demonize those who demonize the Jewish state.

I’ve heard Mr. Cohen interviewed on Dennis Prager’s radio show. He’s extremely civil and comes across as the most reasonable and open-minded man in the world.

His columns generally strike me as bland restatements of the conventional wisdom.

He strikes me as a reporter first and an opinion-monger second.

Cohen’s response to the furor over his positive portrayal of Iran and its treatment of its Jews shows how lacking the man is in moral perspective: ""I return to this subject because behind the Jewish issue in Iran lies a critical one — the U.S. propensity to fixate on and demonize a country through a one-dimensional lens, with a sometimes disastrous chain of results. It’s worth recalling that hateful, ultranationalist rhetoric is no Iranian preserve. Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s race-baiting anti-Arab firebrand, may find a place in a government led by Benjamin Netanyahu. He should not. Nor should racist demagoguery — wherever — prompt facile allusions to the murderous Nazi master of it. "[8]"

Avigdor Lieberman has never called for the destruction and annihilation of any country or group. It is a hateful and odious comparison that could only be made by one who’s morally blind.

The program at Sinai Temple is superbly moderated by David Wolpe and the stream quality remains excellent.

Cohen is taking many sips of water. He must find the heat he’s taking is making him thirsty.

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