NYT: Bush to “Woo Lindsey Graham”

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* “Woo” Lindsey Graham. ¡Jeb! would just have to wink at him and speak a little Spanish-accented English to have him swooning, I’m sure.

* “Mr. Bush immediately sent him a message, and the two men spoke on the phone later that day, when Mr. Bush made his pitch…”

So in this relationship Jeb Bush is the pitcher. I always suspected…

* “Mr. Bush immediately sent him a fruit basket, and the two men spoke on the phone later that day, when Mr. Bush made his pitch…”

* Clearly this is too ridiculous, even for GOP “elites”. My theory is that Yeb is secretly an iSteve fan, and is simply trying to feed Mr. Sailer some layups before he (Señor Bush) officially drops out of the race and fades into cucky oblivion.

* Of all the damn people… Lindsey Graham.

A true cuckservative with a face just begging to hit with a frying pan. Apparently he’s considered an expert on foreign policy and national security. No really. The same guy who said Saddam Hussein was a destabilizing force in Iraq.

The same moron who said this:

“If I’m president of the United States and you’re thinking about joining al-Qaeda or ISIL, I’m not gonna call a judge,” Graham said. “I’m gonna call a drone and we will kill you”.

Lindsey Grahamnesty needs to stay out politics. Jebito continues to be an unattractive presidential candidate everyday.

* Go look at Trump’s Twitter avatar pic. He’s squinting and surveying like a captain on deck during wartime.

Don’t know what Jeb!’s Twitter pic is but I’m absolutely positive it communicates softness.

* Throughout the campaign, Mr. Bush had made a point of texting Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina weekly, just to check in.

So Jeb is an eager beta in that relationship too.

On the morning Mr. Graham dropped out of the race for president, Mr. Bush was ready with the hard sell.

Shut up, Beavis. Sell IS a four-letter word though.

Mr. Bush immediately sent him a message, and the two men spoke on the phone later that day, when Mr. Bush made his pitch.

You mean he’s pitcher, not a catcher?

Mr. Graham has publicly said he has no plans to endorse anyone right now. Many believe that privately, however, he is strongly leaning toward Mr. Bush.

I hate that kind of innuendo. Who was doing what to whom?

* Graham is the favorite of the “Forget the Euphrates, On to the Tigris” big money neocons and defense contractors. Yes, they are few in number but all have very deep pockets and lots of influence. Don’t think for a minute that these donors don’t know all about Graham’s skeletons, but they have decided to see them as a plus since it means that they have “Purdy Mouth” entirely under their control.

For now ¡Jeb! may want to be able to distance himself from Dubya’s disastrous foreign policy but he also knows that he will still need to have access to lots of neocon and defense industry donor cash to win the general election.

If Yeb can somehow reemerge as the Establishment Republicans’ favorite Cuck of choice, or at least last cuck standing, then being able to count on Lindsay to throw a couple of cocktail parties on his behalf is a huge advantage.

Lindsay Graham is a pimp/gatekeeper to Neocon/Defense Contractor universe just as David Geffen is to the Hollywood Lefty/ Gay Jewish Mafia set.

If the thought of having to “Woo” Prissy Graham makes you nauseous , think of what having to slip into a hot tub with David Geffen would do to you.

* The GOP establishment still don’t understand the rejection of Neoconservatism by the wide population, its like they have no idea and despise their voters which is probably true.

Is there any surprise why Trump is being successful? He sides with the American people and not with the Plutocracy.

* I have a feeling that if Jeb woos Lindsey!, both men might have a chance to come out on top.

* Bush + Graham:

A drowning man begging to be thrown an anvil.

* Yup, its not about Graham voters but his powerful Neocon connections that Jeb really wants.

I’ve heard educated people say that during the Bush II administration there was crypto-war between Bush and Neocons, the Neocons wanted Bush to invade Syria, Iran and start a confrontation with Russia all which Bush II refused, the Iraq mistake was enough for him.

Obama has been Neocon friendly, his Syria and Russia policy is made by them.

* I fully anticipated this move. When Real Clear Politics ran a piece back on December 21 re Lindsey Graham’s withdrawal from the Republican race, I posted as follows: “I am looking forward to watching the mad scramble to secure Graham’s “base” of between 0 and 1% of Republican voters. I think we are in “lipstick on a pig” territory.”

* Yeb! Please! No!. An endorsement from Miss Lindsey would be the Kiss of Death!

* I’m guessing the “consultants” are thinking that Graham can somehow deliver the voters that re-elected him to the Senate. However, with the emergence of a candidate (Trump) who is actually willing to say what the GOP primary voters are thinking, the electorate’s mood has shifted sharply since then (from ” *sigh* I suppose” to “Oh, hey-ull NO!”) . Graham would have about as much chance of being re-elected if the election were this year as he would of being able to deliver those voters to Bush.

To demonstrate these chances, I’ll use this flamethrower and this snowball….

* My impression is the candidates other than Trump and Cruz have all but given up on the voters. The others are appealing directly to party leadership, in the hopes that Trump’s mouth or RNC machinations will sink him, at which point it’s a whole new ballgame, and whoever the elite finds most appealing will be handed the nomination on the floor of the convention, or something. It’s as if there are two races going on.

All I know is when I start reading up on the rules of the process, my eyes roll into the back of my head and my hatred of politics and political people surges. To imagine someone who takes pleasure, objective enjoyment, out of this shit! I would throw myself out a window if I had to spend time in a room full of these people.

Lindsey! may be the least appealing candidate to voters and other humans, but his policies make him the most appealing to the party establishment and donors. If not for his complete lack of rapport with voters, he’d be the RNC’s favorite. Bush wants his backers, for the Deep Campaign.

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