Meir Kin Divorce Protest

An Orange County rabbi emails: "Luke, my son drove past the protest today and was disappointed to see no more than 30 or 35 people. You would think after hearing a sermon from rabbi weil of Beth Jacob a shul of 800 to 1000 members you would see a crowd of 200 at the least. He was also surprised that no other rabbinic authority other than Weil and another one he did not recognize came to the protest, the flyer mentioned a seruv from the RCC, why was there no support from the RCC’s Avraham Union, Nachum Sauer, Goldenberg, Korobkin etc. Something fishy with this story. I would like to see back up documents to support the flyer against Mr. Kin I’m getting the feeling Mr. Kin is telling the truth after reviewing his attachments."

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