Donald Trump Can Win New York State and All Working-Class America

Wayne Root writes:

Outsiders don’t understand it. But Trump is the hero of working class New Yorkers. Always has been. We love his in-your-face moxie, chutzpah and raw, politically incorrect honesty. We love it when he destroys Jeb Bush or John Kasich with a word, or a glance. That’s our world. That’s how we grew up and survived on the mean streets of New York. Be tough, or be eaten alive.

Every time Trump opens his mouth; every shocking and controversial statement; every aggressive attack; every macho pronouncement … Trump is us. And that makes working class, blue-collar New Yorkers feel good; feel strong; feel proud. Trump feels like home…

Why is Trump their hero? Because he speaks for them. He says what they are thinking. The middle class is being murdered – and they see it, they feel it, they are living it. They are being driven out of existence by President Barack Obama’s socialist cabal combined with the establishment GOP’s favoritism towards big business. Both parties have destroyed the working class and middle class of America. The government is actively working against the people. The system isn’t fair. The deck is stacked against them. And they see one hero who speaks for them and wants to fight for them: Donald Trump.

These people need hope. They need a hero. Liberals, elitist intellectuals, mainstream media and the establishment leaders of both parties may not understand it, but Trump is that guy. Or perhaps they do understand it, and they are scared to death.

By the way, even if Trump loses New York, he’ll make it so competitive that Hillary and the Democrats will be forced to spend precious time and money defending New York. Which means they have less money to spend on razor-close battleground states like Ohio, Florida, Iowa and Virginia. Either way, Trump wins.

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