If Fashion Writers Wrote History

From the blog Just Not Said:

Benito makes a bold statement in a cap with red braid and a beautiful gold-plated representation of an iron eagle. The bird matches his epaulets, gold buttons, and the eagle on his arm perfectly, adding just the right touch of color coordination. The black shirt beneath Benito’s immaculate green jacket reflects his point of view perfectly! And the hands of his German Leica sweep reliably around their axis, letting Il Duce know when it’s time to get rid of those pesky limits to his power. Whether you’re talking fascism or fashionism, Benito rules!

A true leader doesn’t have to wear loud clothes that scream, look at me! Adolf’s brown, double-pocket jacket exudes an understated, quiet authority which does far more for him than any loud zoot suit would. It’s just enough to keep him warm on those cool Alpine evenings! Adolf’s unique mustache shows that he is a fashion leader, not a follower. And while some fuehrers might be torn between wearing a swastika or iron cross, Adolf’s final solution was pure genius: he sported both!

The medals that Idi Amin wore, like the titles he bestowed upon himself, were all richly merited. One does not earn that kind of hardware by cannibalizing others’ heroism! Even more impressive is the way Idi wore them: with understated good taste and a finely tuned sense of proportion. Amin’s well cut uniform perfectly reflected his quiet refinement, proving yet again that high moral standards do go hand in hand with high sartorial standards.

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