The Media Meltdown

Nice Jewish Girl IMs me:

you reading poynter? every single media outlet is going to go under hello? they all put obama in office all of them tell me one magazine, one place that did not cheer for him outside of WSJ – opinion pages, NYP, and Fox News? they made him their god – the black jesus and you heard about the sf crhon right? chron sorry if they don’t have a buyer they’re going to close and you heard about the nyt, right? wow poynter says murdoch could wind up owning the LAT! now THAT would be great, no? I would be glad about that, pray that he takes it and takes the SF Chron too and the NYT omg, it says that Murdoch could own the NYT as well!!! YES! please G-d! that would be a miracle we need balance Luke, I think he could save our country by doing that honestly it’s the only way our people are sheeple and if all the media says that obama the emporer has no clothes then it will be over over people can not think for themselves and you know what? I’m so glad that the NYP dropped that old lez bag Liz Smith and she’s a lez, you know that right? and a leftie she also had ZERO gossip, it was just regurgitated pr releases from celebs as bad as awful gossip army archerd.

The NJG:
The NJG:

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