In 2015, The Dark Forces Of The Internet Became A Counterculture


Joseph Bernstein writes:

Trump performs for the Chanterculture a very similar function to the one he does for his political supporters: giving loud public voice to culturally unsafe (racist, xenophobic, hateful, choose your adjective) sentiments. He serves less as a real politician with policies and strategy than as the protagonist in a counter-narrative of American culture that sees the forces of modern identity-based liberalism on the verge of genuine acceptance and, it fears, domination. The difference on the internet is, Trump doesn’t need to say anything at all — the creators of the new Chanterculture will say it for him.
In a private group called “Can’t Stump Trump” on the mobile chat service Kik, you’ll find teenagers — between trading weightlifting tips, preferences in female body type, and racist memes — heaping praise on the frontrunner in the Republican presidential race. They claim to support him because he is against “immigration from culturally incompatible ethnic groups,” because “he doesn’t support political correctness,” because “[h]e’s not a good candidate for people who care about others, which I don’t. No lives matter.”


* Young American and European males reacting negatively to the fact that the already thoroughly declined cultures in their OWN countries are now selling out to the interests of people who are in many ways foreign to them and intend to stay that way?
and using over-the-top humor in order to cope with an issue which most feel very seriously about?

WOW. Just WOW. It’s 2015.

Please, Mr. (((Bernstein))), enlighten us to the pro-diversity, pro-tolerance ways of Israel. Oh, wait…

* 4chan is full of people being contrarians for the sake of being contrarians. To an outsider not interested at all in nuance and very interested in clickbait outrage culture, it can seem like they’re being serious. I wonder why you’d- Oh.

* I don’t know about the Chan stuff, but it’s nice to see a useless buzzfeed “news reporter” wet his pants over people who aren’t particularly pleased with the PC / SJW matrix of bullshit that has been stifiling everyone for far too long. Oh yeah, and ‘Bernstein’ was totally unsurprising.

* A movement? Good try. Just sounds like young punks having fun, like they have since on the Internet since forever. “Chanterculture?” Don’t think that’s going to catch on either….

* “young English-speaking white men, perhaps the least victimized group of people in the world…”

That’s why studies have shown that impoverished white schoolboys are struggling more than any other demographic in British schools, right? I mean, having it drilled into your brain since kindergarten that whites are evil colonialist jew-gassing mass murderers and males are evil potential rapists and that you, a young child are collectively responsible and should feel guilt for these alleged crimes and are basically the reincarnation of hitler if you defend yourself, (oh and by the way, boy-oriented adventure books and recess games promote violence so here, have this doll), can’t possibly have severe mental and psychological consequences on this so-called “most privileged” demographic in the world?

* The most privileged demographic in the world, yet we’re being ethnically cleansed from every white country.

* Donald Trump is the only candidate in either party who is not owned by the special interests of the left and of the right. He represents America’s silent majority of decent men and women.

* The American left talks about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusivity’ while blocking those who promulgate opinions – or even simply ask questions – they dislike, creating virtual and not-so-virtual gated communities that echo those real gated communities a lot of them were raised in. How were oh-so-marginalized people like Quinn and Sarkesian able to pull strings to get a forum at the UN? Elitism and cronyism, of course. The young and the white are truly marginalized. They talk to each other because everybody else has shut them out.

* Intentionally finding the worst of the worst to tar us all with the same brush isn’t an intelligent move. Clearly you’re so biased in your position that you didn’t think to look at these issues from both sides of the coin.

I know what you think you’re fighting for, as I used to be like you. I used to follow all of the gay rights pages happily sharing cringeworthy memes about religious “bigots”.
I used to watch all of Laci Green’s videos and I alllowed my ignorance of her terminology to get the better of me, and instead of researching what I was being indoctrinated with, I blindly agreed and carried on.

If I googled “misogyny” at that time then I would’ve converted from the liberal side much earlier as soon as I realised how that word is overused and incorrectly used at any given opportunity.

I used to be a loud-mouthed obnoxious atheist. I’m still an atheist, however I haven’t posted any pro-atheist/anti-theist content anywhere for a couple of years at least, as I came to realise how I was on the wrong side of the battle.

Being involved with real internet subculture I saw content that persuaded me away from your side. Simply, I saw screenshots of liberal media articles. Stills of liberal media videos. Quotations from liberal media posts.
The only thing anyone ever needs to do in order to see the underlying bullshit is to consume your clickbait for long enough to see it for what it really is.

I’m not a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, an anti-semite, or any of the other bullshit labels you wish to apply to people like me. I’m simply against your systematic introduction of the concept of thought-crime. No thought is criminal. No words are criminal, as long as they’re not hate spe- ah. The real issue.

You folks have been pushing that line closer and closer until there’s nothing left to say at all. Anything that makes anyone feel uncomfortable is now somehow hate speech of some kind, and must be silenced.

This isn’t a movement to send women back to the kitchens and blacks back to the slave ships. This is a movement to send intellect and free speech back to institutions, particularly universities, and the media. You don’t realise it but you’re the new authoritarians, and the cultural libertarians want to bring back free speech for everyone -believe it or not, yourselves included. Your political peers may be really fucking stupid, but if everyone can speak, that means everyone can speak.

You’ve got the wrong idea buddy, but when shit hits the fan for you as soon as you say the wrong thing and lose your job and anything you hold dear, this side is always welcoming.

* A Jew against white identity and solidarity? No fucking way!

* White males aren’t reacting this way because they feel like victims- they’re doing it because they can. The narrative is bullshit. They don’t have to sit there and take it while people like “Bernstein” try to nanny them and morally condemn them. That’s why they make so much ironic content- those that try to condemn them really don’t have the moral authority they think they do, and their hypocrisy is hilarious. Gamergate was a year long laugh festival at leftist hypocrites.

* What we ”neo-Nazi White supremacists” believe about our race is the same what most other races in the world believe about theirs. We don’t want to become a minority in a nation built by Whites for Whites. It’ funny how most other ethnicities on earth have immigration policies in place to benefit them, but if Whites want to do the same, it’s the worst thing ever. Also, if you’re going to pull the ”muh slavery, muh colonialism” argument on me, you should know:
1) There were many other non-White civilizations in the world who practiced imperialism. Turkey was a particularly bad here, and I don’t see anyone demanding they need to open their borders and be bred out of existence.
2) Most European nations never practiced imperialism, yet leftists are still forcing mass immigration on us.
3) The countries of USA and Australia were built by Whites, not natives. Natives just happened to live on that land before they were forced out. And if you say that forcing them out was wrong and Whites should apologize, then you’d have to say that about numerous other civilizations. When are you going to demand the Turks give up their land to the Greeks who lived there before? ”You stole that land from X” is a silly argument.

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