Tabloid Baby: Journo world in uproar over our Elli exclusive!

Tabloid Baby reports:

Our Man Elli in Israel not only broke major news with his story on the first season of the Israel Baseball League, but in breaking the story here on, he– and we– have established something of a landmark in Internet journalism, as it "illustrates the complex issues of deadlines, exclusivity, paying and non-paying clients, and whether newspapers and Web sites are separate entities."

Journalist Alan Abbey has the article on the Romenesko media news dumpsite this morning.

We at Tabloid Baby have been one of Jim Romenesko’s greatest supporters for a decade. But Jim (left), whose page is part of the Poynter journalism institute site, has proven himself to be a journalistic snob, by refusing to link to any Tabloid Baby stories, no matter their importance. In fact, he’s sent us at least one nasty email because we have the word "Tabloid" in our name. Romenesko obviously doesn’t see our shared connection to the pure roots of journalism that one can’t learn in an ivy-covered "j- school."

And he lost out because of it. We’d sent him a link to Elli’s story– a week ago. He ignored it. Now he has the story a week late and a dollar short. Schmuck.

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