Is there a way to keep my Facebook feed on Most Recent?

Yes! Use the free app to control your Facebook experience.


* I find it very frustrating and annoying and confusing to see the same stuff over and over, and then have to change it to Most Recent constantly to find stuff.

* This is from the help pages:-

To see stories on your News Feed in the order they were posted:
Click Home in the top menu
Click next to News Feed in the left menu
Select Most Recent
Note: News Feed will eventually return to the default Top Stories setting.

Take heed of the last line. Does not matter what you do it will eventually default back to Top Stories. Facebook have what I call ‘Don’t give a shit syndrome’.

* My feed switches constantly to Top Stories and I have to turn it back to Most Recent.
I knew in the past anytime I used my smartphone to access FB it would switch over, now wondering if my phone app, since it shows a number on the desktop icon, is doing this every time it polls my page, I bet this is why, do others affected have this on a device other than a PC?

* Frustrating, mine will not even stay on “Most Recent” for an hour. Fine, but why bother to pretend you are giving us an option?!

* I had to get in the habit of checking that every single time I log on or update the newsfeed etc. FB will sneak in & change it back to the latest news if you blink.

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