First They Came For The Almond Growers…

I need a catchy put-down like “anti-Semitism” for when California parcels out water in a way I don’t like. If California sides with cities over almond farmers, for example, what horrible bigotry has it committed? First they came for the almond growers, and I said nothing because I wasn’t an almond grower…

All resources, including water, are scarce and all groups are in competition for these scarce resources. What’s great for almond growers is bad for cities and vice versa. What’s good for rice growers may be bad for Los Angelenos.

The important thing is that you pathologize any opposition to your group.

New York Times:

California Wants to Store Water for Farmers, but Struggles Over How to Do It

Big decisions loom. What parts of California’s water system, the most elaborate in the world, need fixing the most? And how can it be done in a way that helps the state’s enormous farm economy, which uses huge amounts of water, without sacrificing the needs of its cities or the environment?

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