The New York Times Must’ve Been Right In Its Reporting About John McCain’s Entanglement With Hot Blonde Lobbyist Vicki Iseman

That’s the only way I can interpret the following story:

NEW YORK Vicki Iseman, the Washington, D.C., lobbyist who had sued The New York Times for $27 million over an article last year that she claimed wrongly depicted her as having an affair with Sen. John McCain, has reached a settlement with the newspaper.

The settlement, which does not include any payment, retraction or apology from the Gray Lady, includes an agreement for the Times to post an online Op-Ed from Iseman’s attorneys. Executive Editor Bill Keller will counter with his own Web essay.

Washington Bureau Chief Dean Baquet told staffers in a memo Thursday that the settlement essentially vindicates the Times’ reporting, noting to them that "We paid no money. We did not apologize. We did not retract one word of the story, which was a compelling chapter in the tale of Senator John McCain and his political rise."

He adds: "The story stands as a powerful examination of a presidential candidate who cast himself as an ethics reformer and scourge of special interests, yet seemed blind at times over the course of his career to appearances of conflicts of interest."

After the 2008 election, the National Enquirer published some convincing evidence for a Cindy McCain affair. Before the election, the Enquirer reported on a Sarah Palin affair. There was no lawsuits in response. I guess the Enquirer was right.

If you don’t want your affairs to be talked about, I’d recommend leading a private life. Every society has sexual mores and one of the primary ways of enforcing such cultural norms is through gossip.

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