I’m Discussing Darwin Monday At 9PM

What should I say? I want to give a Torah perspective on the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth.

I never learned much biology. Never studied much trigonometry. All I know is that I love you and if you’d love me too, what a beautiful world it would be.

Gather your whole family around and listen here.

Here are some of my points:

* Darwin teaches us that you shouldn’t use religion for more than religious purposes. You shouldn’t use religion for history or science or determining the authorship of literature. People who are learned in religion shouldn’t be assumed to be wise in anything else, including ethics.

On his radio show Feb. 12, Dennis Prager said: "If significance means having effected for the good, then it’s Abraham Lincoln. What good did Darwin do that’s comparable to what Lincoln did?"

"If one is 100% in agreement with Darwin and Darwinism, other than that it brought biological understanding, what good did it do? Did it lead to medical discoveries? Did it lead to any of the cures or vaccines we have? To the best of my knowledge, they are independent. There are scientists who not Darwinists who are spectacular scientists? Believing in Darwinism seems to do nothing to make someone a better medical researcher. When it comes to improving the lot of humanity, Darwin doesn’t matter… What difference does it make if you are a great biologist or cancer researcher? What difference does it make within science whether you accept or don’t accept Darwinism? I know eminent scientists who happen to be religious who do not accept non-guided evoluation. It has had zero impact on their excellence as medical researchers.

"My theory is that Darwinism is far more important to one’s outlook on life than it is to science. It is infinitely more important philosophically than scientifically. Whether or not it is true has no impact on one’s ability to be a great scientist. Darwin’s impact is infinitely greater in terms of the Western World’s perception of God or no God than his impact on science. His impact on science has been negligible. His impact on society has been considerable."

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