Which Breads Are Kosher?

From a comment to Hirhurim: Bread: One should refrain from using packed bread from supermarkets which mostly contains a non-kosher emulsifier E-471 in order to keep the freshness of the bread. Some of the bread should be checked from dairy ingredients (dairy – bread is not permitted). The bread called "Bauern Brot" is generally free of non-kosher ingredients. Some allow the use of: Wasser Brötchen (= morning-rolls) provided that they do not contain non-kosher emulsifiers. In France you can get the famous baguette-bread which is known as kosher. In Great-Britain they usually use animal fat for greasing the trays. Therefore the bread is generally not kosher. In Italy the use of an animal fat called "Strutto" is very common, the bread in Italy is therefore, forbidden. One can use crackers from the companies VASA and RYVITA or similar, when without dairy ingredients. Rusks should be checked as bread.

from http://www.koshergermany.com/ tra…llersGuide.html
considered authoritative (rav hochwald)

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