The Tribal Addiction

When Jews like Thomas Friedman start talking like teenagers, it signals a tribal addiction uninformed by Torah and completely lacking respect for the host civilization. The whole “Banning Muslim immigration is a win for ISIS” is as childish as it is ridiculous. ISIS is chopping off heads and raping little girls of those who aren’t them. Arguing about open immigration policies is just weird. When radical Jews such as Friedman pretend stopping immigration is a “win for ISIS,” they are really saying, “We fear goy majority rule more than ISIS!” What they are really saying is “We prefer a win for Ishmael than a win to Esau.” When such Jews says something this absurd and silly and against the interests of his host civilization, he is really confessing his tribal hate. It is normal, natural and often healthy for strongly identifying in-groups such as blacks, Jews, Muslims, Chinese, etc, to have fear and hostility for out-groups but it needs to be kept in control or you unnecessarily alienate the majority and turn it against you.

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