Naomi Ragen Responds To Michal Tal

Over the past year, I’ve published charges of plagiarism (by authors Sarah Shapiro and Michal Tal) against Israeli novelist Naomi Ragen.

Naomi Ragen (I’ve enjoyed all her books, but didn’t have the strength to approach her at the American Jewish University book fair) emails me:

Dear Mr. Ford,

I am following with interest the rantings of Michal Tal on your blog. Since you seem interested in exposing the truth, I am forwarding an e-mail from author Cassandra King (whose real name is Sandra Conroy) author of “The Sunday Wife” which, according to Ms. Tal I plagiarized “60%” of her book with my book The Saturday Wife. As you can see for yourself, Ms. King read my book and “found no incidents of plagiarism whatsoever.”

I’d also like to thank you, Luke, for giving Ms. Tal an internet forum. I’ve actually used her e-mails to you to make my case in court. Ms. Tal has been delaying her case in court for over a year with one excuse after another. Last October, when the case was supposed to start, she claimed to be deathly ill. At the same time, though, she had enough strength to libel me on your website. The judge was very interested in this. So thanks Luke! Let’s keep in touch! Maybe in the interests of justice you can get Ms. Tal to actually come to court to plead her case? It feels pretty strange to be the defendant and to demand we get to court already.

I also enjoyed her posting comparisons between our books in Hebrew…. Her book, by the way, was never published. It was printed by a vanity press who she sued for non-distribution. According to court documents, she sold 200 copies, but has no receipts to prove even that. I’m glad to see she is using your site to look for a publishing house for her new book. I suppose that’s an indication of what she has to gain in all of this. But who will pay my court costs is another matter, since she claims to be penniless. Perhaps that would be another topic for a Luke Ford expose?

Best wishes,


Sandra Conroy emails Naomi Ragen Feb. 4, 2009:

to naomi ragen:

over the past year, i have received a couple of emails asking if i’d read your book ‘the saturday wife,’ and if i’d noticed a resemblance in plot, character, etc., beyond the coincidental. i personally believe there is nothing new under the sun, so i had no interest in pursuing it.

to be able to respond fairly, however, i read ‘the saturday wife,’ and can truthfully say i found no incidents of plagarism whatsoever. i’d be willing to respond to such accusations in a more formal manner should it become necessary.


cassandra king

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