The UC Lesbian Mafia

Comments: The U. of California system has an Old Lesbians Network among the administrators, such as the UC Santa Cruz president who jumped off the highrise of her girlfriend (for whom she had gotten a $180k job with UC).

* “Denton, a well-regarded engineer, had been named this spring in a series of articles examining UC management compensation. She had been criticized for an expensive university-funded renovation on her campus home, and for obtaining a UC administrative job for Kalonji.”

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UC Santa Cruz chancellor dies in suicide plunge


UC Santa Cruz Chancellor Denice Denton, apparently despondent over work and personal issues, died Saturday after she jumped from the roof of a 42-story San Francisco apartment building, police said. Denton’s partner, Gretchen Kalonji, has an apartment in the building, property records show.
Denton, a well-regarded engineer, had been named this spring in a series of articles examining UC management compensation. She had been criticized for an expensive university-funded renovation on her campus home, and for obtaining a UC administrative job for Kalonji.
Denton, 46, died Saturday morning after jumping from the Paramount at Mission and Third streets, police said. The building is advertised as San Francisco’s tallest luxury rental apartment building. A guest at the nearby Argent Hotel called authorities at 8:17 a.m. to report a body on the roof of a parking structure below the apartment building, police said. The medical examiner ruled her death a suicide.
Denton had been on medical leave from the university since June 15 and was expected to return to work this week, said UC Santa Cruz spokesman Jim Burns. She was absent from the university’s commencement exercises last week because she was not feeling well, he said.
Denton’s mother, Carolyn Mabee, was in the apartment building at the time of her death, police said. She told authorities that her daughter was “very depressed” about her professional and personal life.

Steve Sailer writes in 2006:

The New York Times reported something particularly striking: that the “report was dedicated to another panelist, Denice Denton…”[ Bias Is Hurting Women in Science, Panel Reports , By Cornelia Dean, September 19, 2006]

“Dedicating” a supposedly scientific report to anybody seems a little odd. But, then, there is much that is odd, yet instructively representative, about the life and extraordinary death of Denice Denton.

Denton had won national praise for standing up after Summers gave his talk and (in her own words) daring to “speak truth to power”.

It then turned out, however, that Denton wasn`t exactly powerless herself. She was UC Santa Cruz`s chancellor-designate at $275,000 per annum.

She had just been hired away from the University of Washington, where as dean of engineering she had strongly favored “ethnic minorities, gays and lesbians, immigrants, international students and faculty” — in other words, everybody except the single largest group of engineering students under her control: straight white males. Toward their welfare she exhibited a tender regard reminiscent of that of Trotsky and Stalin for Ukrainian peasants.

Denton turned her UC Santa Cruz investiture ceremony into a two-day marathon on the theme of ” Achieving Excellence Through Diversity” which featured “inspiration and perspectives from Angela Davis, Professor, History of Consciousness”.

Denton`s Inaugural Address sounded almost like self-parody:

“What is diversity? I believe that diversity encompasses ethnicity, race, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, culture, religion, academic discipline, class, ability/disability, nation of origin, diversity of perspective, age, socioeconomic status, and any other aspect of difference that characterizes humanity.”

(Hey, how about handedness? How come lefthanders, who have to struggle with scissors designed for the uncaring majority, merely get lumped into the miscellaneous forms of diversity at the end? That is so insensitive.)

Yet, being a fiery leftist didn`t stop Denton from cashing in. Tanya Schevitz reported in the San Francisco Chronicle (January 20, 2005) on how Denton played the game:

UC hires partner of chancellor: creates $192,000 post for Santa Cruz chief`s lesbian lover. …

“The University of California has quietly created a new $192,000 management position for the longtime partner of the incoming chancellor at UC Santa Cruz.

“Gretchen Kalonji … has been hired as director of international strategy development in the UC Office of the President in Oakland…

“According to UC President Robert Dynes, Kalonji`s hiring was part of the recruitment package offered to her partner of seven years, Denice Dee Denton, an engineer who was appointed last December as the new chancellor of UC Santa Cruz. Denton will start in February and will receive a salary of $275,000 and a moving allowance of $68,750.

“In addition to Kalonji`s $192,000 annual salary, UC will provide her with the usual faculty housing assistance allowance of up to $50,000 to help with her transition to California and UC and pay her moving expenses. It is a substantial increase from her $134,424 salary at the University of Washington …”

Denton then had the university spend lavishly on the home provided for her. The Chronicle reported:

“Before she moved into her university-provided house on campus in 2005, she asked for dozens of improvements — everything from a new fence for her dogs to new wiring, speakers, amplifier and CD player for a built-in sound system, according to university documents. In all, a $600,000 upgrade was made to the home, though it is not clear how many of the improvements were at Denton`s request.” [UC Santa Cruz chancellor jumps to her death in S.F. , By Cecilia M. Vega and Jaxon VanDerbeken, June 24, 2006]

The dog run for her two border collies cost $30,000.

Denton and Kalonji had a powerful defender in the woman scientist who had previously headed UC Santa Cruz. M.R.C. Greenwood played the gender card in praising the college`s two-for-the-price-of-three deal: UCSC “should be commended for attracting and hiring two very qualified female engineers”.

A lesbian blogger at UCSC wrote:

“MRC [Greenwood] is also a lesbian, and was out when she was a Dean at UC Davis. But although everyone knew it, no one ever reported in the press that she was a lesbian.”

Greenwood herself had just moved up to the number two position in the entire University of California system, provost, at $380,000 per year, almost $100,000 more than the man she replaced.

Moreover, Greenwood had quietly brought with her from Santa Cruz a female scientist friend named Lynda Goff, with whom the new provost secretly owned property, to fill the novel post of ” Executive Faculty Associate to the Provost”, with a salary of $192,100.

Are you noticing a pattern here – involving female UC honchos and $192k salaries for their close personal friends?

Eventually, Greenwood was forced to resign over the ethical improprieties of the post for Goff and the job that she had procured at UC Merced for her son from a failed marriage.

In November 2005, the managing editor of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Don Miller, wrote about the scandals surrounding Greenwood and Denton, and concluded:

“It also adds fuel to the fire of complaints by faculty and students of a highly paid `elite` at UC and to the whisper campaign that what is seen by some as a powerful coterie of lesbians has gained power and influence within the UC system.” [Don Miller: Strange days and ancient forebodings, November 5, 2005]

For mentioning the L-word, Miller was of course forced to issue a retraction. Which (of course) still wasn`t good enough for the diversicrats, so, according to, a local alternative paper,

“As a result of the Nov. 14 discussion, the Sentinel agreed to run opinion pieces written by community members to address diversity issues, as well as a full `Reflections on the Investiture [of Denton]` page. Oh yes, and they also agreed to continue diversity training, even though one Sentinel publisher in attendance tellingly whined that `we`ve already sat through diversity training.`”

Ironically, once in office, Denton was repeatedly harassed by student protestors even farther to the left. A UCSC staffer noted: “The radical activist community saw two things about Denton: her skin color, and her title.”

Despite Denton`s endless harping on diversity and on her lesbianism, to the demonstrators she was just another evil white person.

On June 24, 2006, UC Santa Cruz Chancellor Denice Denton, age 46, depressed by professional and personal woes, climbed to the roof of her lesbian lover`s luxury 42-story apartment building and leapt to her death.

It`s a sad story – but highly instructive about the type of person that the cult of diversity puts into power over us.

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