How To Achieve Victory Over Sin

Dennis Prager spoke about male sexual nature on his second hour Wednesday. "They were more open about male sexual nature in the Puritan age."

"Gay men have the same problem as straight men. Our sexual nature is variety oriented. It has nothing to do with the love of women in our lives or our values. Nature is nature. Another body. No matter how much he is in love. It has nothing to do with how much he loves his wife. Gay men want another male body and straight men want another female body."

"If your man denies this, he is either different from all other males or he is lying. This should not hurt you. Nature is nature but behavior is behavior. I am not justifying men having extra-marital affairs. The whole point of this hour is how not to have extra-marital affairs."

"This advice is for people with good marriages."

"Best advice for staying out of trouble — stay busy! Develop hobbies. Every minute you are fixing a car engine, for example, you are not out there looking at women."

"Number two — be with your wife as much as possible. As proof of this, when a guy takes a business trip far from home, that is when he is most susceptible to having an affair."

"Number three — think in stage two thinking. Think about the consequences."

"I define closeness as saying everything, whether it is a same-sex friend or opposite sex spouse."

"Every time something is hidden, there is less intimacy between two people. I don’t want guys to hide their sexual nature from their wives. Men are afraid for good reason to open up about what they really are sexually. It puts distance between two people when you hide part of yourself."

"Fourth suggestion. Wear a wedding band."

"Most women will not start up with a guy wearing a wedding ring. It helps him seeing it."

Orthodox Jewish men do not wear jewelry aka wedding rings.

Caller: Talk about your spouse at every opportunity, how important she is to you.

Dennis: "Good women battle their emotional natures. Good people battle their natures all the time."

"The more loving the nest, the less he will want to leave it."

"I want men to use their love of adventure and their ingenuity in other areas. Conquer some other mountain."

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