Does HIAS Set Immigration Policy For Organized Jewry?

From American Thinker:

Christian and Jewish charities are at the epicenter of “refugee resettlement.” There’s a lot of money to be made providing services to colonizers (aka “refugees”). And infidels are tripping over themselves to sign on for what will ultimately be their own demise.

Go figure.

There are nine non-profit organizations (most of them religious charities) that are authorized by the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security to play a central role in all things refugee, particularly in “preferred communities.” These non-profits (and their affiliates) have a monopoly on access to government grants for refugee-related programs and services – grants funded by the American taxpayer.

Refugee Resettlement Watch (RRW) reports the grants are above and beyond “what the contractors already get on a per head basis for the refugees they resettle.” And as one might expect, there is no accountability as to how the money is used.

Noted below is an overview of the nine non-profits along with their mission statements and related links. You’ll notice their visions are variations on a theme. No doubt many of these organizations do some good work. But on the matter of Muslim colonizers and economic migrants, they are completely behind the curve. In fact most, if not all of these organizations are pressing for the United States to accept more “refugees” from the Islamic world. Once here, they have a range of resources to help them access all manner of benefits and services. Many of these organization’s web sites feature pictures of Muslim women in hijabs and/or pictures of Muslim children that would, they hope, melt your heart. The fact that one day some of them would cut your head off seems lost on the people who run these charities.

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