Steve Sailer: The Disappearing Federal Homicide Offenders Racial Ratio

Steve Sailer writes:

Back in the previous decade, you could look up on the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics website a convenient graph in HTML form of “homicide offending” trends over time.

But the Obama Administration stopped maintaining that website (you can still find it here on’s Wayback Machine). As of 2011 they made you look up the racial ratio in homicide offending rates in a less convenient PDF report. Here’s a screen capture of the homicide offending rates by race graph from that 2011 PDF:

Screenshot 2015-11-08 21.41.07

But in 2013, the Obama Administration’s Bureau of Justice Statistics dropped the homicide offending numbers from their latest homicide report in favor of only mentioning homicide victimization.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* And yet, both the race of the victim and the race of the offender are data points collected by the interviewers who collect the data. Perhaps the fed’s will stop these questions in future in order to avoid unpleasant hate facts.

* Interesting to see from your last chart that the homicide rates for both blacks and whites started declining (peaking in the case of blacks) around 1990, but the drop-off is more pronounced among blacks than among whites since the rate is much higher to begin with. So the dramatic fall-off in crime since 1990 is largely a fall-off in crimes committed by blacks.

* Only white men can commit rape. When a Muslim immigrant gropes and kisses a woman unknown to him on the street it is cultural enrichment and vibrancy.

* According to Robert Muggah, the Canadian founder of the Igarapé Institute, 99% of violence in the United States is concentrated in 5% of street addresses.


* Proposed solution:

Form a new college. Admission is open to all, and here’s how the GPA is determined:

GPA = IQ, tested by licensed psychologists, and then converted to a publicly available 4.0 scale, such that

1.0 = IQ < 90 2.0 = 90 <= IQ <= 100 3.0 = 100 <= IQ <= 115 4.0 = 115 < IQ + cum laude = IQ > 130
+ summa cum laude = IQ > 145
+ magna cum laude = IQ > 160

and that’s it. No classes, no other tests.

Call it Bell University

* The drop in white homicide rates probably would have been fairly pronounced, too. Part of it is the graph has to be so broad to allow for the high black murder rate that the white graph is squeezed at the bottom, so even fairly significant changes aren’t as obvious, but would be if it were only white murder rates.

Even then it still may have been obvious on the graph, except for the other part of the problem – that the vast majority of Hispanics, for the purposes of crime, are counted as white, and the share of the population that is Hispanic has soared since 1990.

* When we purchased our home we were required to enter our race and ethnicity on the mortgage application. The application informed us that if we chose not to do so, the loan officer was ‘required to enter the information herself based on visual observation and surname.’ (I took a picture of that damn part of the application, I was so offended.)

I am as WASP as you can get. My wife is basically half WASP, half Scandinavian, and blonde.

We marked black for race and Hispanic for ethnicity. The loan officer just chuckled. We got our loan. As long as it was us lying there was probably nothing she could do. Hell, they were probably grateful to us for boosting their minority lending rates.

* I have been thinking that maybe one way forward maybe to re-brand the word racist and racism as something positive. Own it. Kind of like the homosexuals took back ‘faggot’. Racism is an “ism”, like idealism, environmentalism, pacifism, Communism, socialism, libertarianism, etc. Racism as a good thing. E.g. calmly, matter of factly ‘the benefit of racist policies would be x y and z’ or ‘a racist government would actually look after its citizens unlike…’ or ‘racism – a philosophy whose time has come!’

If used in comment sections and the like it would have an unnerving power to disarm one of the most potent weapons of the left, the ability to point and say ‘racist’ and have the race realist or citizenist or alt-righter cower and say ‘anything but that! Please, take my money!’.

I know it has been done before somewhat (e.g. ‘if such and such and such and such, then I am a racist!)’ but I don’t think in this way. In comment sections we have the left on the run, they are being routed. The Overton window is being shifted big time. Everywhere I look, be it Breitbart or some random blog, NYT comments, wherever, Overton is shifting day by day. What would have invoked the ‘you are a racistnazikkkwanttokill6mjews’ response goes unanswered. And the comments I talk about have nothing to do with antisemitism. It is quite hilarious, even tear jerking articles that would formerly have brought out the hankies and the green arrows for the leftist party line only 2 years ago do not sway the commentariat, or those who up vote. Now everywhere you can read about how traitors such as Blair, Brown and Merkel should be hung as traitors. It is fantastic!

The White comment reading and writing world is turning a kind of Semitically-neutral fascist. The empathy is drying up. Leapfrogging altruism is being abandoned. Most humans don’t do rate changes or long term thinking, what feels to them like the creaking of the glaciers to a changing climate is actually burning up on a human historical scale. 2 years? 10? It’s nothing! Merkel has inadvertently created her own ‘problem reaction solution’ social engineering works, a footgun of massive scale that is set to blow up in her own wretched cat lady face, a massive catalyst.

Maybe we should be out in person doing something instead of sitting back on our pimply behinds, but if you think that influential people don’t read comment sections you are kidding yourself. It is definitely having an impact. And that change in thinking is translating itself into political action.

What is kind of sad that if we could have been a bit more Japan-like about the whole thing, we could have maintained our empathy somewhat. It was not necessary to destroy our countries in this way through immigration.

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