Cantor Stanley Rosenfeld is back in prison

Jewish Whistleblower writes:

As first reported by the Awareness Center several weeks back, Cantor Stanley Rosenfeld is back in prison after violating the terms of his probation twice. Although full details are still not available, court dockets indicate that Judge Nugent and Magistrate Revens have held violation hearings and ordered both a presentence repreport and a competency examination. The last hearing was January 9, 2009.

I had reported on previous parole violations that were withdrawn on my blog several years back:

Stanely Rosenfeld is a former cantor and spiritual leader at Temple Am David who received a 10-year suspended sentence after pleading no contest to molesting a 12-year-old boy he was tutoring. He grew up in New York City and worked in the New York public school system for about 20 years, and worked about 10 years at a private Jewish academy in New York. In a recent lawsuit it was alleged that other Jewish synagogues had problems with Rosenfeld, but he was allowed to move from one to another and offend again. In previous probation reports Rosenfeld acknowleged constantly having to ‘fight his desire for boys.’ He said he often looks at children when driving and had ‘considered what it would be like to pursue a child’ but that he has never acted on this desire." The report also says that, "When asked if he had molested both male and female children, [Rosenfeld] responded that his ‘preferred prey’ is adolescent boys." Rosenfeld has acknowledged other victims within Rhode Islandas well as victims in different states, demonstrating his clear propensity to commit these crimes against minors. Rosenfeld also told stated in past probation reports that he had molested boys when he was in New York, but he was never charged

Hopefully, this is the end of the line for pedophile Rosenfeld who will now rot in jail.


Run "rosenfeld" for lastname.


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