The Best Tweets You’ll Read All Day

From Professor Monica Osborne:

Sitting in my pitch black office because the power is out and I don’t have a window. #academia

Dance like no one’s watching. Tweet like you have tenure. Isn’t that what they say? #Academia

My husband says he’s worked hard to get us out of this BH hell hole. I say just you wait until my midrash book comes out. #dollardollarbills

Instead of writing a resignation letter I would submit a print-out of all my tweets. #academia

Proof of my tendency toward reckless behavior: I taught Robert Mapplethorpe and Angels in America in the same week at Pepperdine. #BDSM

Thinking of when I was told they didn’t want to hire me for a Jewish Studies position because I’m Jewish. Which totally makes sense. #TBT

Neighbor’s 9-pt turn to get out of his garage woke us. But it was worth it to see him crash into his wife’s flowerpots and run them over.

Listening to my 2-year-old playing, I realize he has named one of his cars “sholom aleichem.” #judaism #shabbat

My husband wants another baby. I want a Tesla. Let the negotiations begin. #family

Prospective students visiting my class say they’re looking for a place that will uphold Christian values. Then I teach Angels in America.

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