Kevin MacDonald, Donald Trump and the Jews

Jeff* says: Kevin MacDonald is off base here.

Most Jews are democrats and even if Sanders were the nominee he would still get 70% of the Jewish vote. Hillary will get at least 80% of the Jewish vote.

If the Republican candidate is anyone but Trump, that person will get less than 20% of the Jewish vote. Trump will cross over and get the highest percentage of a Jewish vote for a Republican in living memory.

What MacDonald is focusing on is the Jewish media/pundit class. These are either liberals who wouldn’t vote for any Republican or NeoConservatives whose standard for supporting a Republican is based on unconditional support for Likudnik policies. Immigration has nothing to do with it. Even though Adelson supports amnesty, that is not his reason for supporting Rubio or in the last election cycle Gingrich. It is wholly about Israel.

But the love of Rubio, and dislike of Trump from Kristol (who wants to form a third party if Trump gets the nod), Krauthammer, Podhoretz, is based on Rubio’s embrace of a neo conservative foreign policy, especially when it comes to Israel.

As an example of Jewish pundits who do support a crackdown on immigration, Mickey Kaus has been tireless, even challenging Barbara Boxer for her last senate run, David Frum has taken the side of the immigration restrictionists despite being a neocon, and even Bernie Sanders has drawn the connection between unemployment and immigration.

Although sometimes I think MacDonald’s analysis is pretty good, I think he is blinded here.

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