The Feminization Of European Men

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* The feminization of the European male has contributed to the invasion in two ways. European women, like all women, desire masculine men. The low supply of masculine native men thus necessitates the importation of masculine ethnic aliens. And of course European men, being overwhelmingly feminized, do not resist this mass cuckoldry given that resistence would require a degree of manliness that is virually absent among native Europeans in the early 21st century.

* DNA testing is needed for all legal immigrants and illegal aliens. Also biometric ID data gathered from immigrants (legal and illegal) and all who enter America on visas. You don’t like it, then tough! Instead the PTB/NSA gathers as much information as possible on US citizens. The Feds are creating huge databases for medical records that get misused and leaked by authorized personnel of which (I will bet) there are some millions. Direct Federal employees and workers for Federal contractors.

Its not just Muslims scamming high trust societies with fake children and fake relatives. Goes on all the time and its a great way for legal immigrants to make thousands of dollars. They are being paid for smuggling people in legally (unless caught) this way! Its not done out of the kindness of their hearts.
Mexicans with those computerized one day border passes that allow them to enter here at any time. They legally cross in with other peoples children. Goes on all the time and they are get paid! Obviously!

* In Russia they used to let the klal pick the young men to be drafted. As long as the Jews met their quota the Tsar was cool. I expect they selected the indifferent yeshiva bochurs, layabouts and troublemakers. It was eugenic for the klal. But America was much more egalitarian: select by age.

What I can’t figure out was how the ultra-orthodox managed to dodge the draft during Korea and Vietnam. Surely they couldn’t dummy up their birth records in the USA.

* Draft Exemption category 4D- Ministers of religion or divinity students. I’m sure every draft age ultra-Orthodox male was a “divinity student”. They do this in Israel too.

* A large part of the insanity and arrogance underlying Merkel’s Boner and other similar schemes throughout the Western world–and one that’s seldom mentioned even by the alt-right–is the implicit assumption that everybody in the world would love to move to Germany (or America, or wherever) if they got the chance. This just isn’t realistic. If human beings were naturally prone to migrate their way out of difficult circumstances, then every poor country, war zone, and harsh clime on the planet would have been denuded of people long ago. This transparently isn’t the case, but the opposite notion is so firmly lodged in the modern mind that it colors all thinking on the subject.

What’s really going on here is that the operating system of the Western world is starting to crash. The lies we have told ourselves for several generations are bearing their fruit, combining in unstable ways and bringing the machinery to a halt. In the mind of the typical elitist, mass immigration is just QE for the meat-space; it is the printing of fiat wage slaves. When this can be done under the self-righteous veneer of SJW cosmopolitanism, so much the better. And if they can also use the self-same process to strategically depopulate Syria (so the thinking goes: If we can’t remove Assad with airstrikes, we’ll just evacuate his country!), then that’s icing on the cake. Yes, the upper classes really do think in this bizarre manner. They are the living exemplars of the managerial state run amok, viewing every human reality as some sort of logistical optimization problem.

Unsurprisingly, the real world refuses to be the endlessly malleable putty that they try to make of it, and the structure of reality avenges itself on the world-improvers through the timeless mechanism of unintended consequences. Unintended (by the world-improvers)–but neither unforeseeable nor unforeseen. Good leadership adapts itself to reality and is in the highest sense identical with reality. Incompetent leadership has a theory of what ought to be and ruins everything with its tyranny and shrill demands.

Merkel is one of those people sees the destiny of hundreds of thousands of human beings and the character of entire nations as hers to do with as she pleases. This staggering hubris will certainly be rebuffed by the gods.

* I think Merkel’s childlessness plays a part in her having opened the doors to all of MENA without any logical plan. The fact that she is on the other side of time now, without her own children, has transformed her thinking that she is doing this great “motherly” thing to all those big-eyed children we constantly see in the media. This last overture of a woman who never got a chance to be a mother, is touching in a nicey-nice way, but OMG, she has no plan!

However, now the chaos has started as winter is coming, and migrants arriving by busses to small towns and cities in Europe can not be left to just starve at the stations/town squares/succumb to pneumonia. Many are squabbling with locals and fights are breaking out.

Maternal instincts are not always the wisest when it does not involve actual children, your kin or your community’s (whatever that is) youth. There will be abundant crime & and violence for years to come since very few Muslims have integrated well or willingly, within their host countries in the last 20-25 years in northern Europe. I hate the idea, rather fact, that parallel communities of migrant cultures will continue to grow which are entirely dependent on the host culture yet rebuff the host country’s culture.

* Homosexuals are also targets of the Muslim rape army tramping its way to Germany and Scandinavia. In the Middle East, sodomy is halal if you are the pitcher. Afghan men rape prepubescent boys pretty much at will. In Sweden, the first rape crisis center for men was recently opened coinciding with the explosion of the male Muslim immigrant population. Coincidence? I think not.

* There’s no doubt about it, the flood will be a never-ending one unless Europe slams its borders shut and deports all illegals. The trouble with many people in white countries is that they project their own characteristics on to other races. They think Africa and the Middle East are places whose ultimate goal is European-style democracy. Until that happens, they believe, they may need a helping hand, someone to take in a few million of their surplus population spewed northwards by war or poverty. They can’t see that poverty, war, plunder and massacres are the norm in these places.

* British women find those men attractive for the same reason that Anna Stubblefield described herself as “in love” with a mentally defective black midget. They’re all brainwashed SJW moon-bats in love with their own self-righteous conceits. Let the Muslims have them.

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