Will Islam Conquer France?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Right now France has been somewhat more protected from the migrant invaders because of the difficulty of claiming benefits there. That’s why so many are camping in Calais so they can try to get to the UK. I think many of the migrants will eventually make their way to the UK when they have been given a German passport.

* Remember that anytime a nationalist party starts to pick up steam the EU elite crush it- in Belgium they simply declared the party illegal and ‘racist’ and that was that- in the UK the smashed the BNP by requiring them to accept minority members, etc. we all know what’s happening to Maria Le Pen. But then again, the left & globalist elite didn’t do what they are doing democratically, so why is that a qualification?

* Immigrants taught that rape is wrong. Gee, who knew?

* Patriots are terrorists. Invaders are welcome.

* I can never agree with the: “globalist corporate oligarchy” idea. I think people are too simple, too basic; they “feel” too much, unlike animals about to be butchered, for instance. Most people can not see beyond their own needs, neighborhood, town, city, state, region.

And, if we remember why we like Steve’s site, it is because we believe in the fact that IQ matters…which is diametrically opposed to the idea that people will ever act and behave for the global good of EVERYONE: people are tribal after all, and team players for their kin…like wolves or apes. People, like animals, naturally, distrust “outsiders.”

* Winning elections will be just about the last thing Muslims do after they take over Europe. They simply are not good at politics. The most successful Muslim politician in heavily Muslim UK is Scottish convert George Galloway.

The take over will not involve changing laws to suit their preferences, but undermining the rule of law. By creating “no go zones” and corrupting civil society.

I am not especially worried about France, which has done a fairly good job of stopping third world mass migration. The single largest source of immigrants in 2012 were Portugal at 8%. Africa was about 68,000 total in a country of 64 million. While even that is too much, that’s one bad weekend for Germany. France is also estimated to be only about 3% black. France’s anti-burka law also makes it, along with Switzerland’s anti-minaret law, one of the few places in Europe to have an anti-Islam law.

Where they really erred was letting in a ton of North African Muslims during their big economic boom from the 50′s to early 70′s. But they’ve learned from this.

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