How Can We Make Everybody College-Ready?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* The only explanation I have for the state of elite discussion on education is that most elites have never met unintelligent people in real life, or just never noticed them. Because, if you notice that there are dim bulb adults, and you remember that, at some point, those dim bulbs were high school students, you’ll realize that high school doesn’t turn dim bulbs into bright ones.

Once you realize that, you’re open to asking smarter questions than, “how can we get everyone college-ready?”.

* And here is evidence: the popularity in whitopia of ranked-choice voting. An informative, if progressive, op-ed ran today in the Minneapolis Star Tribune urging voters in Duluth to reject it, on the grounds that it tilts the playing field significantly towards the smart and white, and away from the poor and minority.

* The thing about nonwhites always bragging about how they are going to run the U.S. in the future is that the U.S. will no longer be the first world power it once was. With students like these, America will be just another backwards, third world toilet. Nonwhites can’t run the America that once was, they’ll just be in control of another Mexico. There are already numerous parts of the U.S. that can hardly be called first world. My advice to the readers of this page is to move to a Whitopia( if you aren’t already living in one), and enjoy first world status for a little longer than the rest of the country.

* Patriotism is fear-mongering.

According to Traub, a nation should be ‘universalist’.

Then, why have nations at all? If Hungary is open to all, how can it remain Hungarian?

This is the New Imperialism.

Globalist elites use western military and financial power to gain control over the Third World and use Third World mass invasion of the west to gain control over the white west(that, under the regimen of divide-and-conquer, lose its sense of identity and unity).

* The best place to see the real America is the motor vehicle department. It provides an accurate cross-section of all adults in the community not mentally retarded.

If your still wondering why your town/state/country is so messed up … go to the DMV.

I’ve been to these departments in three different states in the last few years and been appalled each time. At the granular level the US population has been dumbed down to a shocking level.

Because the DMV simply doesn’t target any niche of the population (or filter) you get the whole enchilada … and it’s not pretty.

* The fact that many schools now have a dedicated police presence says a great deal about what has become of this country.

* That didn’t used to be the case, but now that most routine paperwork can be done online the only people who show up in person are people incapable, mostly by reason of limited literacy, of doing that. It will come as no surprise that latins are heavily represented in this cohort. You also have a smattering of seniors who are uncomfortable with computers and high school kids getting their first license.

* White Fresno resident, here. My 16 year old daughter sailed through her perfunctory driving exam, after passing through a fire-hazard-capacity crowd of illegals at the DMV.

On the other hand, the Fresno County Sheriff (and, from what I’ve heard, the obviously-roided City of Fresno Chief of Police) is pretty liberal (in the archaic sense) about issuing licenses to Carry a Concealed Weapon.

* Go easy on Fresno. We’re the quintessential Salerian AFF town. Our suburbs and exurbs are populated by relatively a conservative core American bourgeoisie. Even our inner city is populated by a generally respectable white and Hispanic working class. However, as a result of mass immigration coupled with the degeneration of working class values documented in Murray’s Coming Apart, we have a growing multiethnic underclass fed on the bread of the welfare state and circus of the phony macho hip hop culture.

We’re tough on crime though. Also, lots of military families. And at the risk of parodying myself, I will say that we have three county stations.

A decent core American town.

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