Women Don’t Like Men Who Keep Apologizing

From the Chateau: Recently, in the Washington Beta, an article was published confirming that the CH game advice to never apologize is effective at winning people to your cause.

Donald Trump never apologizes for his controversial remarks. Here’s why he shouldn’t.


Research shows that a person who backs down in a dispute becomes less likable to observers, who may want to punish that individual.

Second, overconfidence, even to the point of breaking rules, causes people to view an individual more positively, as does social risk-taking. In particular, males who show social dominance are judged more attractively as potential mates. An individual who does not back down in the face of controversy shows confidence by not giving in to social pressure, and takes a risk by refusing to follow the conventional path. Some on the right openly suggest that part of Trump’s appeal lies in his refusal to apologize and his unwillingness to be “politically correct.”

“some on the right’. hey, throw a chateau proprietor a bone here!

Here is where my research comes in. […]

Respondents… read about the suggestion by then-Harvard President Larry Summers in 2005 that genetic factors help to explain the lack of high-performing female scientists and engineers at top universities. After reading the comments and hearing about the outcry, half the participants were told that Summers defended himself by saying he believed that “raising questions, discussing multiple factors that may explain a difficult problem, and seeking to understand how they interrelate is vitally important.” The rest learned that he had apologized and read a brief statement Summers made expressing regret for his comments and reflecting on the damage that they had caused. […]

The results for the Summers controversy were even more surprising. Of those who read about his apology, 64 percent said that he “definitely” or “probably” should have faced negative consequences for his statements about women. However, that number dropped to 56 percent when respondents were led to believe that Summers stood firm in his position. Moreover, the surprisingly negative effect of Summers’ apology was even larger among the groups that arguably should have appreciated the apology: women and liberals.

No one who is familiar with Le Chateau’s teachings should be surprised that women and liberals react the most positively to alpha male Realtalkers who don’t back down like sniveling plushphag manlets from their hurtful, triggering words.

CH has long been on record stating that liberals, women, and especially liberal women are secret submissives and CRAVE the guiding pimp hand of a strong, deliberate, unshakable, dominant alpha male to calm the storm of their feels whirlwinds. And now here’s ¡SCIENCE! to give its imprimatur — the same imprimatur that shitlibs adore more than life itself when it’s used to discredit biblical creationists — to one of the coldest, stoniest, Heartiste-iest ugly truths.

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