Behind Caroline Kennedy

From New York magazine:

Today the Observer has some suggestions of why the New York Post may have endorsed the inexperienced Caroline Kennedy so quickly and giddily for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat. Was it because:

• She helped get News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch’s kids into school?
• She is like totally besties with News Corp. spokesman Gary Ginsberg, who went to Brown with her late brother JFK Jr.?
• Rupert hates her seemingly most prominent rival for the job, Andrew Cuomo?

FROM GAWKER: "The entire Kennedy clan’s success is predicated on projecting a false sense of inherent goodness while pulling the wool over the American public’s collective eyes, because they are supposed to be some sort of heroic do-gooding contingency that espouses relatively liberal beliefs that anyone with common sense does as well. In reality, they are nothing but a sleazy criminal enterprise, aristocratic and elitist, that used every devious trick in the book to gain their footing in America. I really fail to see how people can support them and claim them as some sort of nobility since they represent everything that populist people are supposed to hate. They were proponents of black people being treated like human beings, and don’t hate the gays or the poors? All is forgiven! Their family history makes Blago look like a friggin angel."

The NJG:  destroy them
The NJG:  also
The NJG:  let’s bring up the William Kennedy Smith rape case again
The NJG:  or the other murder case, the shriver nephew
The NJG:  I can not stand the Kennedys
The NJG:  bunch of cheating irish drunks
The NJG:  and what about the Kerry Kennedy scandal?
The NJG:  remember that?
The NJG:  looks like the observer at is going after her
The NJG:  right – the kennedy cuomo divorce as well
The NJG:  she is NOT fit to be senator!
The NJG:  oh and datalounge has the DISH on her
The NJG:  "Her 300+ acre Martha’s Vineyard estate was specially zones for "agriculture" so the heiress pays almost no property taxes on it. But no journalist will ask her about that"

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