Bryan Caplan: They (Goyim) Scare Me

Jewish economist Bryan Caplan writes out the reasons many perhaps most Jews instinctively revolt against living in a dominant Christian culture (does Caplan want Israel to cease being a Jewish state?):

What would happen if Mormons were a solid majority of the U.S. population? Maybe they’d be as wonderful as ever, but I readily picture a sinister metamorphosis. Given enough power, even Mormons might embrace a brutal fundamentalism. Despite my lovely experiences with Mormons, they scare me.

To be fair, they’re hardly alone. You know who else scares me? Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, and atheists. Sunnis, Shiites, Catholics, and Protestants. Whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and American Indians. Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, Marxists, and reactionaries. Even libertarians scare me a bit. Why? Because given enough power, there’s a serious chance they’ll do terrible things. Different terrible things, no doubt. But terrible nonetheless.

If you’re afraid of every group, though, shouldn’t you support whatever group has the minimum chance of doing terrible things once it’s firmly in charge? Not at all. There’s another path: Try to prevent any group from being firmly in charge. In the long-run, the best way to do this is to make every group a small minority – to split society into such small pieces that everyone abandons hope of running society and refocuses their energy on building beautiful Bubbles.

Comments posted to his blog:

* A multitude of different ethnicities and clans could just as easily lead to a never-ending war of all against all as in Syria. In fact, the system that has historically provided the best standard of living for the greatest number has been the homogenous nation-state derived of people from Europe or East Asia. Places with the greatest linguistic and ethnic diversity: sub-Saharan Africa, the New World before Columbus, South Asia, have been terrible places to live.

I see little in history to suggest that diversity leads people to “refocus their energy on building beautiful Bubbles.”

* I can’t fathom how this could be axiomatically true. Britain was and continues to be a highly homogeneous place compared to say, the Balkans. Yet Britons have suffered far less brutal, less violent, less arbitrary governments almost without exception.

This piece seems to assume that the groups are happy to acquiesce to the liberal order or to the domination of one party. This is not often the case.

Some of the most diverse places on earth are the most violent and unfree. Few of the most homogeneous places are. Certainly there are divided countries in the top freedom rankings–Switzerland, Canada, etc. But homogeneity is well represented as well. It seems a stretch to infer such a broad connection between diversity and good government.

* The post perfectly illustrates the point that libertarianism is about making people strangers to each other.

The political nature of man whereby mankind is organized into particular, self-ruling, morally authoritative units that we may call nations is repugnant to the libertarian. He prefers that nations do not exist.

The political nature of man divides mankind into neighbors and strangers. The neighbors share sufficiently an idea of the Good–Americans share in the American Way, the English in the English Way and so on.

Strangers are those that do not share your idea of the Good. The libertarian seeks to make all persons strangers to everybody else. There has to be an equality of stranger-ness.

* Trouble is every society requires a general consensus of an idea of Good to operate.

Protection of private property, even the definition of private property itself is a consensus that has evolved in rich, stable countries. There is no guarantee that a “society” that has no dominant group and thus, by definition, no consensus of the idea of Good, would manage to secure private property, or even secure life and limb of people.

* This analysis suggests that in 1914 Russia, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire should have been the freest, stablest, and most peaceful countries in Europe.

* India is such a place where everyone is a minority and the typical problems are that any actions that require coordination don’t usually get done. Trash collection, sewage, roads, public health, primary education – you name it, it’s a problem. Beware of what you wish for. At the least, see places that have characteristics that you wish to implement. You may end up regretting this post on the day when the roads need to be repaired.

* I wonder how your analysis would change if you didn’t view yourself as such an outsider.

* Your thesis only holds when all the groups are committed to democracy and are willing to compromise; where each group respects “rule by the majority,” while the majority respects the rights of the minority. On the other hand, when the culture has a “winner take all” mentality and neither small groups respect the will of the majority (e.g., the Republican Party) nor does the majority respect the rights of minorities (e.g., the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt), then it’s a recipe for disaster.

* I think this is one of your weakest posts, and I don’t think this assertion holds in general. There are far too many examples of violent heterogeneous societies. Perhaps I’m wrong, but they seem far more common than violent homogeneous ones.

More generally, I think expectations of power is what leads groups to do horrible things. If a group does not expect it can gain power it has no reason to e.g. start a civil war, and will never be able to use power to do terrible things.

* As pointed out by others, the human ecosystem doesn’t lend itself to diversity; it doesn’t last. One group gains the upper hand and extinguishes the others.

The Bryan Caplan Cult of Radical Diversity scares me plenty.

* Mr Caplan’s diagnostic of majority behavior is not correct and never has been. The European immigrants in North America went from a tiny minority to an overwhelming majority without ever changing their behavior to the preceding native peoples.

Does Mr Caplan recommends this policy to the State of Israel?

* I think before betting all of Western Civilization on this “open borders” policy we should test it out somewhere first for say 10 years and see the result. Let’s take a small First World country close to third world countries and have them open their borders up completely.

Let’s see… looking at a map of the world, Israel seems like a good testing ground. Let’s force them via BDS to open their borders up completely; let all the Africans and arabs that want to move there move there to “diversify” and “enrich” them.

If it turns the land into a paradise, great! If however chaos, collapsing social trust, economic disarray, terrorism and civil war (and massacres) ensue, maybe we’ll hold off on that with our own countries, if only until we get the bugs sorted out.

Surely Mr. Caplan, as a very empirical thinker, would support such a test no?


Bryan Caplan’s Id made a guest appearance on his anti-Gentilism hateblog, confessing in starkly monochromatic detail exactly how much Bryan Caplan’s Ego HATES HATES HATES the idea of living in a nation with a majority White Gentile population.

There are a lot of open borders nutjobs currently in circulation, but Bryan Caplan’s Id is the most deranged of them all. The Sperg Total is so far removed from reality I wonder if his bubble is slowly asphyxiating him and destroying brain cells.

His pro-nation-destruction “””argument”””, if in a fit of magnanimity one could call it that, rests on the (false) (utterly inane) premise that when one group gets too numerically large and powerful, they will necessarily do scary things, the thought of which overloads Caplan’s RAM, and the way to prevent this is to make sure everyone is a minority in their own country, so that power is divided commensurately among the disparate tribes and the risk of its misuse thereby reduced. This will, according to Caplan’s readout, produce a utopia on earth where hundreds of tribes competing for status and power are replaced by one glorious tribe (his own, natch) calling the shots and an indentured commune of powerless peons content with a political and social arrangement that negates their tradition and culture and cuts them off from having any decision over the constitution of the nation they will bequeath their posterity.

Essentially, Bryan Caplan is claiming — against all the real world evidence and the historical record — that Diversity + Proximity = Peace. He is arguing for a state of nature that doesn’t exist, and never has existed. When disparate tribes accumulate in sufficient number under one governing authority, the eventual result is a dysfunctional government and, over time, the gradual (re)separation of those tribes into self-governing entities. That’s the best-case scenario. Worst case: rivers of blood.

Anyone who’s lived a day in his life outside a 1%er bubble knows this is true. But for the (ironically) Endogamously Benighted Bubbleborg the only data their algorithms can compute must be peer-reviewed and published in esteemed ¡SCIENCE! journals, so for spergitarians like Caplan, CH presents a partial list of studies finding that:








But, really, what is the point anymore trying to reason with the Caplan ilk as if they were anything but malevolent traitors with no intention of meeting their fellow citizens in good faith? The Open Borders Sperg Horde, like the Feminist Cunts, the Race Creationists, and the Pathological Altruists, have clearly shown themselves impervious to facts on the ground and to the expressed desires of the majority of Americans.

They’re immune to logic.
To reason.
To truth.
To beauty.
To facts.
To common sense.
To human decency.
To anything that vibrates the valence of their elemental spergomized purity.

They are human defectives with a sadist’s acumen for self-justification.

What appeals will reach the sadodefectives who are in positions of influence to spread their disease to the society that swaddles them? Mutter Merkel might be able to offer a suggestion.

Bryan Caplan is SMRT. So SMRT that he can’t perceive how ridiculously transparent his cheerleading for open borders and White majority submersion by tsunamis of third world refuse is a manifestation of his psychological projection. His own, numerically outnumbered but disproportionately powerful and influential, tribe puts the lie to his White Submersion Theory of Eternal Peace. He psychologically projects the rise of a Mormon tyranny should their numbers grow, when right now his tiny tribe has a near-tyrannical lock on controlling the levers of the media, entertainment, academic, political (have you seen the top ten political donor list?) and financial institutions.

As SMRT as he is, Bubbleboy Caplan apparently lacks the requisite IQ horsepower to extrapolate that a Babel of Bubbles under one dusty proposition parchment rapidly congealing into irrelevance through the mechanism of race-based antipathy will, in due time, mitotically divide into the border-bounded, separate nations he so irrationally loathes.

A thousand Bubbles will become a thousand Nations, Caplan, and then you’ll just have to start your Borderless Tikkun Olam Crusade all over again. You see, when you force a self-identifying people into powerlessness in their own homeland by flooding their commons with genetically antagonistic foreigners, they tend not to take it so well.


Bryan “Spergatron” Caplan wants to turn America into the Island of Misfit Goys, an icy wasteland for broken, demoralized outcasts with no home to call their own.

Comments to Heartiste:

* Borders are Nature’s way of minimising bloodshed between peoples – and they are natural, contrary to what Caplan and his type pretend. They’ve been there since the dawn of human existence, in some form. As soon as a family, tribe or nation has something worth handing on to future generations, they create a boundary to ensure it’s not grabbed by outsiders who have contributed nothing. But our prehistoric ancestors didn’t have convoluted immigration laws and deportation procedures. If a man trespassed on your territory, you hacked him to death with clubs, and probably celebrated by drinking fermented berry juice out of his skull.

* Natives in Alaska had a way of marking borders. When a man from a different tribe came a little too far into someone else’s hunting grounds, his entrails and other organs were cut out and hung on a tree to serve as a “no trespassing sign.” Such methods can still work.

* Reading her [Ivanka Trump] social media and blog posts, she demonstrates that she’s as brilliant a marketer as her father is. Her posts are exceptionally well dialed. They showcase wealth that a Kardashian would envy, yet possess the grace and class of a beloved queen. Her blog is very relevant to urban women, like a woman’s magazine, yet doesn’t relish in any Sluttery that modern woman’s magazines possess.

She very much strikes me as the TrumpenFem. She seems to have received the Trump gift of requiring the best and being able to get anything she wants. She’s smart enough to realize that being as feminine as possible 98% of the time will get her what she wants. What you notice about her is that despite being brilliant, beautiful and successful, she shows none of the outward striving aggression, arrogance, resentment and other masculine attributes that most women of her status possess (contrast Sheryl Sandberg or Marissa Mayer). I can imagine that even if your crossed her, she would send another to do her dirty work. She hasn’t had to develop masculine attributes because she’s always had her father the Alpha doing that for her.

She’s as Alpha Female as The Donald is Alpha male.
She could very well be America’s next Jackie O in terms of feminine behavioral influence, which they desperately need.

* The greater individuals’ level of globalization, the less they will contribute to public goods.

* Oddly enough, in his excellent book, Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids, Caplan acknowledges that genes are responsible for nearly all adult outcomes. He goes into great detail on the results and interpretation of twin studies, etc. How does he square that circle??

[CH: his hatred and bigotry mean that he doesn’t have to square the circle. the frozen feels are self-justifying.]

* How does he square it?

His tribe is adapted to live as aliens among a borderline hostile host population. By making it so that everyone lives as an alien in a sea of hostile ethnicities he disadvantages ever other tribe and makes conditions like those that his tribe is adapted to.

Very in line with what you’d expect someone maximizing the fitness of himself, his children and his cousins.

* A lot of Christian sites like Dalrocks are starting to remind me of people rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic. Even having their own daughters raped and killed seems not to disturb the meme that all cultures and races are equal. The Christian church is any real men pushed out by feminist poison and the men that stay are wet noodles unable to defend anything. Its not just Europe that’s getting flooded with Muslim scum and rapist Africans plenty of Paki’s and Somalis are moving to the USA and very few sites are even talking about the damage that is starting to happen.


* Must keep hammering them with the White Genocide meme. It’s filtering into mainstream awareness.

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