Live Torah Talk With Joey Kurtzman – Parasha Miketz

The Torah portion is Miketz.

Read Rabbi Ari Kahn’s commentary here.

From wikipedia: "Jacob saw that there was grain in Egypt, asked his sons why they sat around looking at each other, and sent them down to Egypt to buy some. (Gen. 42:1–2.)"

Luke: It’s group think. When you are closely integrated with other people, you always wonder how they will react to anything you do. I’ve lived my life as a loner. That has a lot of bad consequences but also some good ones. I don’t sit around waiting to see how others will react to things I do.

Joey: "Do you ever find that people become less explicable, more mysterious the better you get to know them?"

Luke: "Only if you fall in love with them. Otherwise you don’t really care. When you fall in love with someone, you want to possess them and understand them and be able to predict them. Because you are intensely interested, you realize you can’t fully understand what they are going to do."

Joey: "I agree with you 100%. How do you learn this s—?"

Luke: "I just know that when I get obsessed with a girl, the more obsessed, the more she spirals out of my control the more I try to control her."

Joey: "It becomes maddening."

Luke: "I start thinking, how can I ever understand her?"

Joey: "How can she do this to me?"

Luke: "It’s only because I am so smitten by her that she becomes so mysterious."

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