Amalek Opines on What’s Wrong with Jewish America and JDate

If I can’t land a lady via JDate, then there’s obviously something very wrong with JDate.

My inner Amalek writes:

You don’t see Mexicans trying to meet one another through "Mexdate" or Palestinian women fretting about the ticking of their biological clocks.  The problem is that too many Jewesses go to college and graduate schools (this generation’s demographic crematoria) at exactly the moment in their lives when their fertility mandates that they be having procreative sex.  Then they waste still more years trying to make it in corporate America or in law firms or in medical practices.  By they time they are "ready" to mate, the men they might have married have long since moved on and married younger shiksas, and what’s left for them is on this board.  That’s the problem, the real problem, and there is nothing that a service like Jdate can do to fix it.  Instead of making Jdate "better", better to obviate the need for its existence by encouraging Jewish teenagers to marry young.  The job can wait.

I fear that if a man wears a condom too long, even when he takes it off, he can only fire blanks.

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