How Do We Have Same-Sex Marriage?

Comments: I am simply baffled by the remarkable transformation in Western culture for it to have happened. When I was a young man (and I’m not that old now), homosexuality was widely perceived as perverse. I even played a very minor part (essentially, a driver) in having a homosexual removed from military service (incidently, the main mover of that removal is, today, a very powerful member of the establishment, whose name you would all recognize).

There is no denying that that attitude has changed (not completely, but substantially) in about 15 years. Its not as widespread as the media would have us believe: much of the States’ support for gay marriage is really Federal Judge’s support for gay marriage. But it is widespread nonetheless.

And it is objectively mindboggling. Marriage as a covenenant between a man and a woman is about as fundamental a concept as you can get (or could have gotten just 15-20 years ago). I suspect it was overthrown, throughout the Western World, by the opinions of perhaps 5,000 people (a few key television producers, a few key political activists, and a few key judges and law professors)-and all at a time when our culture is supposedly splintering with less media centralization than before.

Based on this issue, I can’t imagine any bedrock moral or political belief that couldn’t be manipulated by elites, and abandoned or changed by the masses, essentially overnight. Humans really are sheep-and not just with regard to the trivial (what detergent to buy, whether to smoke cigarettes). Given the right environment, human beings will do and believe whatever they are told. National media, and national politicians really do have the level of power over the masses that they like to think they have.

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